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Keith Scott's Life Matters

Keith Scott's life matters.

It mattered before he was shot and killed on Tuesday.

His life mattered if he held a gun and it mattered if he held a book.

His life matters as all sides rush to judgment with the truth, half-truths, speculation, rumors, and lies.

Keith Scott's life matters just as much as the life of the police officer who shot and killed him. Yes, the officer's life matters too. Nobody has said it didn't.

Bystanders crash Sen. Bob Rucho's attempt to crash Clinton rally in Charlotte

Bob Rucho

Sen. Bob Rucho, R-Meck, did his best to crash the Hillary Clinton rally held in Charlotte today, but two innocent bystanders crashed his party. innocent bystander...the other is MCDP 1st Vice Chair and volunteer extraordinaire Jane Whitley. Jane's one of those people that when something needs to be done, there she is. Today, something needed to be done.

I'ma let her tell the story.

Discussion of Charlotte's Nondiscrimination Ordinance Pulled from Agenda

The LGBT community won yet another battle in the war for equal rights today when Charlotte Mayor, Jennifer Roberts, pulled a discussion of the impact of HB2 from the agenda for tonight's Charlotte City Council meeting.

This doesn't mean there won't be other attempts to repeal the ordinance, which after the passage of HB2 actually no longer exists since state law supersedes the ordinance.

Lula Dualeh: Fresh leadership for Meck Board of County Commissioners District 2

Lula Douleh

District 2 of Mecklenburg County's Board of County Commissioners has been in need of fresh leadership for a very long time and Lula Dualeh has stepped up to offer the type of leadership this district has been sorely lacking. Lula moved into District 2 with her parents when she was six years old. She grew up in the district, went to school in the district, and has spent her entire adult life in the district. She knows first-hand the needs and concerns of the residents on Mecklenburg County's West Side.

Lula is focusing on economic development, education, and transportation - issues that are vital to West Side residents. Her words are so much more powerful than mine, so I am sharing them here for each issue.

Economic Development

District 2 is a large district with communities extending from Biddleville to Steele Creek. Throughout those areas, we have a tale of two communities where there is extreme prosperity and poverty. And while I’m proud of the district that raised me, I know that behind every shocking statistic are real tears, real people suffering. District 2 deserves a fierce champion who will fight for all of District 2, not only certain communities. Recently, we have read, heard and seen developers express their vision for District 2, many times without the community input. As a connector, I will fight to ensure our communities concerns are met when developers begin to build for a future we all would love to see. I believe District 2 a renaissance of history, culture and excitement where we highlight and celebrate our wonderful communities. Where we have walkable businesses and beautiful parks all while preserving our historical integrity. I promise to always represent you and our District’s best interests as your next County Commissioner.

Charlotte Mayor's Race: Endorsement you decide

Charlotte's second primary is coming to a close and voters will decide tomorrow which Democrat will face Republican Edwin Peacock in November's general election. Roberts is still being called the front runner, but most media sources are not singing her praises. More importantly, former mayoral candidate David Howard and respected LGBT activist and journalist Matt Comer have endorsed Dan Clodfelter.

Who will be Charlotte's next mayor?

Charlotte mayoral candidates

The candidates running for mayor in Charlotte are campaigning hard and so far only one has gone negative with a push poll. Jennifer Roberts conducted a poll with negative, leading questions about the other Democrats in the race. According to the Charlotte Observer, her team claims it isn't a push poll because it isn't close enough to the September primary, and it isn't a large enough sample.

Defending the indefensible: CMPD "explains" rape kit backlog

There's more to this story than just numbers:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police on Wednesday said the number of victims adversely affected by untested rape kits is much lower than the foundation’s investigation showed. Of the approximately 1,000 untested kits, 650 are related to cases that are already closed, said CMPD Capt. Cecil Brisbon. Some of the remaining kits have been submitted and the remainder are “being reviewed to determine the need for analysis.”

Just because a case is "closed" it doesn't mean testing is no longer necessary. If a case is closed because the victim refused to press charges, it doesn't mean she wasn't raped, and it also doesn't mean her rapist hasn't done it before or will rape again in the future. And if the case ended in a conviction, processing the kit is doubly important. Getting that DNA data on file in the FBI's CODIS database is a critical link in the chain of evidence, because just like other terrorists, rapists thrive when information is not shared by law enforcement. Here are some more numbers for the CMPD to chew on:

The path forward: A reinvigorated, refocused state party

One of Randy Voller’s last acts as chair was to announce that he would not run for re-election to helm the North Carolina Democratic Party. He must be commended for his announcement as it was a selfless ownership of responsibility for this year’s election and provides the opportunity for the Party to start anew ahead of the 2016 elections. North Carolina Democrats have a lot of work cut out for them, yet I remain optimistic for what lies ahead for our party.

Charter school in Charlotte lets students down before it opens

What happens when a charter school fails students before the school opens? You wind up with a lot of upset parents and kids, especially when the school was intended to serve 9th and 10th graders. High school is tough enough without finding out six weeks before school begins that your plans have changed.

From the Charlotte Observer:

Carolina STEM Academy, one of 11 Charlotte-area charter schools that had been approved to open in August, notified families this week that there aren’t enough students to make that happen.

“Unfortunately, we are disappointed to share the news that, due to enrollment and continuing difficulties with closing (on the facility), Carolina STEM will be unable to open this year,” a letter from the board of directors said.

Dem to Watch: Senator Jeff Jackson

A couple of months ago a group of Democrats in Mecklenburg County met to select Senator Dan Clodfelter's replacement, after he resigned his seat to serve as mayor of Charlotte. Of the four candidates running, only two had enough support from the delegates to be considered serious challengers. Jeff Jackson was one of the two and while it was not a contentious election, something happened that prompted Jackson to step up and show his true character.

Another candidate, Darryl Bonaparte, had apparently failed to line up anyone to nominate him or to speak on his behalf. Ultimately, Darryl nominated himself, but when it came time for someone to second the nomination there was awkward silence. This is when Jeff Jackson stepped forward and did what may seem unthinkable to most of us in politics - he seconded Darryl's nomination and gave a sincere speech in support of his opponent.


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