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Why I am running for NCDP Chairman

Dear fellow SEC members and fellow Democrats, I am Marshall Adame, the President of the North Carolina Democratic Party Hispanic American Caucus.

I want to thank so many of you for your dedication, devotion and determination leading up to the November 2016 election where North Carolina elected a Democratic Governor, Roy Cooper, a Democratic Attorney General, Josh Stein, a Democratic Supreme Court Justice, Mike Morgan and re-elected our Democratic State Auditor, Beth Wood as well as our Democratic Secretary of State Elaine Marshall. The NC GOP was determined to prevent that outcome, but failed due to your work and dedication to democracy, our party, our principles and values.

The 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence

I cut this out of a Stars and Stripes in Japan over 30 years ago....

"The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence paid a very real and heavy price for paving the way for our liberty and freedom in our own independent country.
To those of you who believe that might makes right and that our forefather were all highly placed social climbers of their day who sat around pondering the virtues of an American Independent nation, or wealthy players making backroom deals, please take note here.

North Carolina Democratic Party SEC Meeting Open Thread

The meeting is about to start. The atmosphere is festive for the most part with what seems like a large number of people wearing Patsy Keever stickers. Before the meeting started we enjoyed a patriotic sing-a-long led by NCDP Secretary Melvin Williams.

Colors have been presented and a convocation has been delivered.

Aaaaaand...we're off!

Update #1

Sock Puppets and Astroturf Part 1

Over the past several months George Fisher, David W Moore, Chris Telesca, and a number of fake accounts suspected to be tied to Moore, have created chaos on Facebook as they jumped from one Democratic party group or page to another spreading lies and rumors in an attempt to smear Patsy Keever, while bolstering support for Randy Voller.

The race for NCDP Chair: Fundraising

Three of the five candidates running to serve as chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party have returned questionnaires that were created by the readers and editors of BlueNC. All of the candidates had a busy week with forums and we thank Patsy Keever, Marshall Adame, and Connie Johnson for returning their answers.

Final Fundraising Push for Kissell, Adame & other NC Dem Challengers

The presidential candidates are busy maxing out their donors and making it hard on all down ticket candidates to raise money in the process. That's why I'm appealing to you one last time before the end of the quarter to help the challengers in our North Carolina congressional races. I know the incumbents are having a hard time raising money as well, but they have far more contacts and larger donor bases, so I will leave them out of this particular plea for funds.

North Carolina's 8th Congressional District

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