Reinstate the Charlotte ordinance, and expand it to 20 other cities

The willingness of progressives to play by the rules against ruthless adversaries has to stop. We keep hoping those adversaries will find morality, but they will not. Their only morality is Machiavellian: winning at any cost.

In The Lancet: North Carolina HB2 is bigotry's counterattack on LGBT rights

Founded in 1823, The Lancet is a well-respected, peer-reviewed British medical journal. Not a hotbed of politically correct ideologues. Though if all you read were the McCrory et al federal court filing in defense of HB2, you might be granted temporary forgiveness for thinking so. When in fact, The Lancet's works stand squarely on the scientific evidence.

Will we choose to be a Hate State or a Love State?

I read today that social justice is not just a liberal tradition, it is a Christian tradition too. That sounded right to me, certainly thinking back about Sunday school at the Newmarket Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia. It was all about Jesus' love. Pure and simple.

Nothing else mattered.

Today we're up against all sorts of madness, with the heart of our state hanging in the balance. One side demonizes and seeks to dominate. The blacks, the browns, the gays, the women, the teachers, the atheists. It is what they do.

The other side? Love and let live.

This is One Wall That Needs Re-Building

The Wall of Separation Between Church and State has had some holes punched in it over the past few years by those wanting everyone to believe, erroneously, that the US is some kind of 'Christian nation.' When we think about it, we all know that the only way that I can be free to follow my own religious beliefs is to allow you to be free to follow your's. And the only way that can be accomplished is if no one group's tenets of faith are enacted as the law of the land.

Tim Moore's machination machine

From time to time we may all encounter a little “craftiness". Defined as “deception”, it also lends itself to “astuteness” as in “intelligence manifested by being astute (as in business dealings.)” But an additional meaning shines brightly and continues to magnify the Republican controlled North Carolina General Assembly. That word is “chicanery.” “Chicanery” digs deeper and is truly the hallmark of current affairs. Defined as “verbal deception or trickery, especially in legal quibbling; dishonest or sharp practice”, it also means “the use of sly or evasive language, reasoning, etc.

The Cost

It would be nice to have a running total of costs and impact that HB2 has had on the state so far, if such a thing could be calculated. In the meantime, the Williams Institute at the UCLA Law School has provided their own conservative estimate of cost to the state, not only in lost business, federal funding, and tourism but also in terms of discrimination, development, and diversity.

Ignorance is the "new" North Carolina

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Parrish Clodfelter, a 79-year-old retiree who lives on a central North Carolina farm, professes opinions about transgender people that might get him fired if he worked for a multinational corporation, though for many here, they constitute simple country wisdom.

“A man wants to change to a woman, he’s got a mental problem,” Mr. Clodfelter said on Wednesday over lunch at Spiro’s Family Restaurant, where posters by the door advertised classes on carrying concealed weapons and a “Hillbilly Sunday” Pentecostal church service.


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