Democratic National Convention 2016

DNC Day 3: An Interview with Ken Serrano

kenserrano.jpgAn interview With Ken Serrano

Tonight at the DNC I found myself sitting next to a handsome young man from Madrid, Spain. Ken just finished his freshman year at the University of Tampa. He has an internship this summer with Congressman Joe Garcia from Miami
We began to talk and one of Ken’s first observations was that American youth seems uninvolved in government. He wondered why they were so disconnected or disinterested.

Ken wants to help make sure that Donald Trump is not elected. He explained that he feels this election holds worldwide importance. He says that in Spain, Trump is not admired as a world leader. He asked me why I thought Donald Trump wanted to be president. My response was that Trump has always been self-serving and self-motivated. He nodded.

He stated that he lives in a democracy in Spain. He was raised in a family that believes in equal rights for all races and religions and people. He does not believe Donald Trump shares in those values. This is a concern for Ken.

DNC Day 2: Final thoughts

Elayne had some final thoughts last night about the events of the day, so I thought I would share them before tonight's speeches got started.

Celebrity sighting; my Facebook friend, Christine Pelosi. It was such a thrill to not only hear her speak but to meet her. She touches my heart because we have both been on this journey to educate down-ticket Dems to run effective campaigns.

I was sad that there were only 20-30 people in the room for this dynamic session entitled “10 Secrets to winning campaigns” which offered cutting edge strategies for campaigns.

DNC Day 2: You know you are at the DNC if...

It is official! Hillary Clinton is the first woman candidate nominated to run for president by a major political party.

The vast majority of drama came in the form of heartwarming stories and nomination speeches. I was brought to tears by Larry Sanders being allowed to individually cast his vote for his younger brother as part of the Americans Living Abroad delegation. I also leaked tears when a long-time friend of Hillary's spoke and could barely get the words out as she was overcome with emotion.

DNC Day 1: A report from the streets of Philly

After attending the Democratic National Conventions in 2008 and 2012, I was not able to go and represent BlueNC this year. Fortunately, my good friend, Elayne DeMaria, the founder of is there and is willing to send pictures and some stories from the field.

If you have never been, the convention week features festivals, concerts, seminars, meetings, receptions, and parties. All of this happens before, during, and after the main event.

These Democrats need your help

North Carolina delegates

Thank goodness the presidential primary is over. I hope you haven't given all your spare change to a candidate because now that we've reached the end of the primary, we need to pivot to helping everyday Dems reach fundraising goals.

If you aren't on Facebook, you may not have noticed the GoFundMe requests scrolling down your feed. I'm going to repeat something here that I wrote on Facebook, so if you have already seen this...bear with me, please.

Let's Make History Again~ 2016 DNC~

NCDP State Convention Delegates,

Are you a Delegate to the NCDP State Convention on June 11? If so, I look forward to seeing you at Convention in Raleigh, and I am humbly asking for your support as a Delegate to this summer's 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia!

We often hear as a presidential election rolls around, "this election is the most important one of your lifetime". Friends, this one truly is, for if we do not unite and defeat Donald Drumpf, I truly fear for this country.

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