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Dem to Watch: John Carry Easterling, III

John Carry Easterling, IIIWe may not see John Carry Easterling, III's name on a ballot yet, but at some point in the next ten years we are certain to see this young man serving us in elected office. He is smart, energetic, and committed to making life better for others.

Why ten years? Easterling has just graduated high school and plans to double major in political science and history at UNCG. He also plans to graduate before venturing into public service. He isn't waiting until after college to get involved, though. Easterling has just been appointed the chair of the Rural Caucus for North Carolina College Democrats and is serving as the chair of the High School Caucus for Young Democrats of America. He recently completed his tenure as the President of North Carolina Teen Democrats.

When asked about his accomplishments in these groups, John quickly gives credit to those who served or are serving with him. He said that among his favorite accomplishments was that his administration increased participation in Teen Dems in North Carolina by adding 20 county chapters and more than 300 members in a six-month time span.

Dem to Watch: Senator Jeff Jackson

A couple of months ago a group of Democrats in Mecklenburg County met to select Senator Dan Clodfelter's replacement, after he resigned his seat to serve as mayor of Charlotte. Of the four candidates running, only two had enough support from the delegates to be considered serious challengers. Jeff Jackson was one of the two and while it was not a contentious election, something happened that prompted Jackson to step up and show his true character.

Another candidate, Darryl Bonaparte, had apparently failed to line up anyone to nominate him or to speak on his behalf. Ultimately, Darryl nominated himself, but when it came time for someone to second the nomination there was awkward silence. This is when Jeff Jackson stepped forward and did what may seem unthinkable to most of us in politics - he seconded Darryl's nomination and gave a sincere speech in support of his opponent.

Dems to Watch

One of the things I have always enjoyed as a perk of writing at BlueNC is learning about candidates and elected officials from different parts of the state. We have an impressive amount of political talent across the state and it includes people we should consider for higher office. The problem? We don't always shine a bright enough spotlight on these candidates and we don't keep track of them after the campaign season is over. I would like to take a step to change that.

An Invitation to the BlueNC Community

You are invited to write blog posts about people serving in your local government, in the state legislature, or who are members of your community interested in political office. Introduce them here and let us know they should be on the 'Dems to Watch' list.

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