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'Twas the night before Christmas

Chris Fitzsimon should have been NC's Poet Laureate:

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through Raleigh town
Politicians filed for the next election round.
There was Richard and Deborah; don’t forget Chris Rey.
For GOP governor, Bob Brawley had a say.

Brawley’s filing annoyed the Guv’s re-election hunt
So they leaked scary emails to “news” team Jones & Blount.
The list of GA candidates is worth a gander,
So many unopposed, the winner’s Gerry Mander.

Take the time to read the whole thing, it's worth it. The sad thing is, even though it's a long poem, it still doesn't cover half of the idiotic and inhumane actions of the current "leaders" of our state. Here's another taste:

Policymaking via the budget

Chris Fitzsimon lowers the boom:

Nobody debated the little-noticed but important provisions because nobody except a handful of Senate leaders even knew they were there. And it’s a safe bet that there are plenty more of them that have yet to be discovered in the massive budget document that is supposed to be legislation detailing how state taxpayer money is spent, not a bill that changes numerous state laws and makes significant policy changes.

The problem isn’t the merits of each idea, though most of them are clearly not in the state’s best interests, but that any significant policy change deserves a full debate and an up or down vote that is impossible when they are part of a larger budget document that legislators in the majority are pressured by their leaders to support.

I'm going to leave an open invitation here for any Republican lawmaker to explain "why" this should be considered acceptable. Buy I'm also not going to hold my breath, either. GOP leadership has demonstrated that debate is an unnecessary impediment, but what that really means is they have no respect for other opinions, even within their own party.

The numbers game

Chris Fitzsimon has written a column I wish I'd written ... a beautiful analysis of why Republicans have lost the education debate in North Carolina. They've come up with a bunch of statistics and percentages to proudly show how much they've helped teachers, but the reality on the ground doesn't jive with all their happy talk.

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