Dear Charlotte ...

... still think it's a great idea to host the GOP National Convention?

Trump Says 'No Way' He Will Cancel the RNC in Charlotte, Despite Coronavirus

The gun-humping and associations with every racist and violent neo-Nazi and neo-Confederate group in the country wasn't enough for you to turn away business from the RNC. COVID-19 isn't going away anytime soon, based on the estimates I'm seeing.

Will a deadly disease make you change your mind about hosting this hot mess?

I-77 toll opponents get another day in court

Trying to stop a privatized monster:

The North Carolina Court of Appeals is considering the effort of a group opposed to the toll lanes which prefers that additional regular traffic lanes be built. A judge in Charlotte last year rejected the challenge by the group Widen I-77. Wednesday's arguments came in the group's appeal of the rejection.

Widen I-77 attorney Matt Arnold says the group thinks North Carolina lawmakers were wrong to allow a private company to build the toll lanes. Arnold also says the company should not have sole authority to set the rates if the lanes are allowed.

Both the process leading to the contract and the company chosen to fulfill it have been a model of how *not* to do the public's business, and I encourage Roy Cooper and his administration to take a long, hard look at this thing before dismissing concerns raised. I do have a personal stake in this, as my daughter lives right along the I-77 Corridor, and is forced to use it going to and from work most days. I say "forced" because many of the communities in the Lake Norman area don't have a well-connected road system to use as an option to the Interstate, and the stunning growth in this area has turned traffic into a huge problem. Which may be one (big) reason the toll company Cintra signed the contract in the first place, because they knew locals would be forced to pay, and not leave the company counting pennies and filing bankruptcy:

Lawyers-R-Us: Charlotte's scamming diploma mill set to reopen Jan 17

Because there's still tons of money to be made:

Charlotte School of Law – battling lawsuits from students, a federal cutoff of student loans and financial problems – told students Friday night that it would reopen for the spring semester. “We are very pleased to announce that after extensive discussions with our regulators, we will be starting classes as scheduled,” the school told students in an email.

CSL told students at mid-week that it was trying to make arrangements with Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville – a sister institution in the three-school InfiLaw chain – for students to complete their studies and receive an ABA-accredited degree.

I believe even struggling students should have a chance to succeed in life, and I'm all for taking (some) alternative routes for professional degrees. But that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about a degree that isn't worth the faux-sheepskin it's printed on, and a crippling student debt that even a real lawyer can't help you figure out. Here's some more background, if you have the stomach for it:

Keith Scott's Life Matters

Keith Scott's life matters.

It mattered before he was shot and killed on Tuesday.

His life mattered if he held a gun and it mattered if he held a book.

His life matters as all sides rush to judgment with the truth, half-truths, speculation, rumors, and lies.

Keith Scott's life matters just as much as the life of the police officer who shot and killed him. Yes, the officer's life matters too. Nobody has said it didn't.

Mayors Roberts and Bell Proclaim Ethanol Day in Charlotte and Durham; Highlight Renewable Biofuels and Cleaner Environment

Growth Energy Celebrates E15 Day in Charlotte, Durham
North Carolina drivers to benefit from clean, affordable fuel options

Charlotte, NC – Growth Energy thanked Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Durham Mayor Bill Bell today for designating September 16 as E15 Day in two of North Carolina’s largest cities. The announcements celebrate an expansion of consumer access to E15, a 21st century fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol that provides drivers with improved engine performance while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Bystanders crash Sen. Bob Rucho's attempt to crash Clinton rally in Charlotte

Bob Rucho

Sen. Bob Rucho, R-Meck, did his best to crash the Hillary Clinton rally held in Charlotte today, but two innocent bystanders crashed his party. innocent bystander...the other is MCDP 1st Vice Chair and volunteer extraordinaire Jane Whitley. Jane's one of those people that when something needs to be done, there she is. Today, something needed to be done.

I'ma let her tell the story.


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