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BlueNC update

We've had a number of technical challenges recently, all made worse by the fact that I experienced a series of strokes in May which have compromised my ability to use the left side of my body. In practical terms, that means BlueNC is on the ropes and probably nearing the end of its natural life. I can barely type these days and am spending a lot of time in physical therapy, with occasional communing with our chickens.

I've also been thinking too much about the past. After 17 years of trying to hold NC politicians accountable, I can safely say that BlueNC has mostly failed.


We had a big scare over the last three weeks. Our website went down and all of our data seemed to be lost. Over the last couple of days we were saved by Betsy, who came to the rescue and got us back up and running. Our biggest fear was that we may have lost 16 years of data. But that didn’t happen.

Now we’re in the spot where we have to decide what to do with ourselves. I know Steve probably has felt quite a bit of relief from not having to do daily updates and posts. And me? I’ve been missing in action for quite a while already.

Checking in

I thought I'd take a minute to check in, see how folks are doing. I've been laying low for quite a while for lots of reasons, mostly involving bad health. It's been tough, especially given the daily insults we're facing from the Tarheel Taliban. And with the Uncle Tom Robinson shit-storm brewing, there's no telling how much evil is on the way. Add in a toxic stain of gerrymandering and we seem to be in for the very worst.

Major spam attack

Hi all.

We've been under attack by robots for several hours, receiving hundreds of spam posts and logging hundreds of new (robot) users. I'm worn out from fighting them and have to go do some work now. Sorry to leave you with whatever shows up.

I'm sure there's a way to use tech to stop this, but I don't know how to do it.

: (


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