anti-voting laws in NC

NC Board of Elections needs to help nursing home patients vote


They are not convicted felons, although we appear to be treating them that way:

This year, what stumped Hutchins, despite all his resourcefulness, was how he was going to exercise his basic constitutional right to vote during a pandemic. The Davis Community nursing home in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Hutchins has lived for two years, has barred visitors since March. Margaret, still in the retirement community nearby, can’t help him, nor can their four kids and eight grandchildren.

Neither can the nursing home staff. A 2013 state law prohibits staff at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and rest homes from helping residents with their ballots.

In truth, I hesitated writing this because I didn't want to add to the ReopenNC nonsense that still persists, even though NC seems to be faring better than other states during this pandemic. But this situation has deep, Constitutional implications, that simply must be addressed, and soon. Before proceeding, I need to bore you with another personal anecdote:

A Reply to the SCOTUS' Suppression of NC Votes


Recent changes to election laws have been made to protect the integrity of elections and ensure fairness and uniformity in the system.

These election law changes are driven by partisanship—not integrity, fairness, and uniformity. The changes are an effort to manipulate the rules of elections and to blunt the impact of demographic change.

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