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SC Democrats block statewide abortion ban

A little too close for comfort:

At 1 a.m. Friday, after three days of debate and facing a Democratic filibuster with no end in sight, Senate Republicans gave in. A bill that would have outlawed virtually all abortions in South Carolina was killed Friday morning after the Senate's GOP majority failed — on a fourth try — to sit down the Democrats who were keeping it from getting a final vote.

The bill made exceptions only for cases of rape, incest or serious medical emergencies. It would have outlawed some 97 percent of the roughly 5,700 abortions performed each year in South Carolina.

For those of you still working under the misconception Republicans would never actually succeed in outlawing abortion, that they're just using the issue to garner votes from the fundamentalist crowd, this should set you right. If Democrats had not held fast on their filibuster, South Carolina women would be on the road to the Handmaid's Tale. And in answer to your next question (What about Roe V. Wade?), engineering a Supreme Court challenge is likely exactly what they were trying to do. Iowa Republicans have openly admitted that was why they just passed their "fetal heartbeat" bill, which would ban abortions after six weeks:

Freedom + fairness: Abortion rights

Freedom + fairness: Abortion rights

I had a great conversation today with an extremely knowledgeable advocate about many different aspects of reproductive health. She thinks that "safety" is a key element in the discussion, something that hasn't been front and center for me. Her evidence is that many people who disapprove of abortion still want it to be legal ... and safe.

I get that, and I'm sure there are lots of people who feel that way. But the question I didn't get to ask is this: Will people who disapprove of abortion ever vote for a Democrat?

ACLU NC throws down gauntlet on abortion rights

Putting the gynoticians on notice:

Abortion has been targeted in every legislative session since the current leadership took over in Raleigh. The current majority at the legislature has denied women the ability to access health insurance that covers abortion through the Affordable Care Act exchange, attempted to corrupt the doctor/patient relationship through a ban on “sex selective” abortions, instituted a three-day waiting period for women seeking an abortion (the longest in the country), directed the Department of Health and Human Services to review and implement new laws regulating abortion clinics in the hopes of shutting them down and required doctors performing abortions after 16 weeks to submit women’s ultrasounds to DHHS for review.

Republican anti-abortion zealots exhibit the worst in political behavior: When you can't get what you want via overt legal means, you take a more devious route, strewing impediments in the way of women seeking to control their own bodies. Knowing they can't succeed in outright banning of abortion, they settle for a de facto abortion ban cloaked in "women's health" language. And the fact they take pride in such cowardly and specious behavior instead of hanging their heads in shame makes them even more despicable. But the Constitutional light is now illuminating this trickery:

What did you think the first time you heard about abortion?

Commentary from our friend, Janet Colm, former CEO of Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina

Even though I spent more than 30 years working for Planned Parenthood, I was not born supporting the idea that women should be able to make their own intensely personal decision about motherhood. But I think I was born with a strong sense of fairness.

Does the North Carolina Family Policy Council also want women to be punished for having abortions?

When Donald Trump says that women should be punished for having abortions, isn't he simply saying with the North Carolina Family Policy Council says? Abortion is murder. Murderers must be punished.

What's more, abortion is premeditated murder. Which means the appropriate punishment here in the Old North State is the death penalty.

Tell me I'm wrong, Tami Fitzgerald. Tell me why abortion is not murder. Tell me why North Carolina women shouldn't be put to death for having abortions.

SCOTUS smacks down NCGOP

Nobody left for Roy Cooper to appeal to ...

#ncga cannot tell Dr's what to say to patients!!

Posted by Vicki Vars Boyer on Monday, June 15, 2015

Soon to be breaking: North Carolina prohibits training doctors to do abortions

This story is not true as of today, however it will likely be true before the end of this week. Congratulations, North Carolina. You're leading the way in ignorance and bigotry.

RALEIGH, NC -- The North Carolina General Assembly today approved extreme new legislation designed to limit abortion rights. Effective May 1st, any institution that receives state dollars or tax benefits will be prohibited from (1) training doctors to perform abortions, (2) training nurses to assist with abortions, and (3) providing any kind of abortion-related services or care.


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