Will Pat McCrory join Donald Trump on stage tonight in Raleigh?

Of course. McCrory needs to show off his nutcase credentials.
19% (9 votes)
No way. McSpineless will lay low and hope no one notices.
81% (39 votes)
Total votes: 48


Proper disposal

UNC researchers are hot on the trail of a binding agent (polyurethane) that potentially makes coal ash inert. I'd like to see them bring McCrory in, cover him in poly, and then turn him into a statue for placement in downtown Charlotte. The inscription would say, "Here lies."

I think he will

Considering Roy Cooper and other prominent Dems are taking part in the Hillary/Barack rally, McCrory doesn't have the balls to avoid Trump's thing. Plus, all those rabid Trump supporters attract empty suits like McCrory (and Trudy Wade), like moths to a flame.

McCrory ducks

The governor’s office said yesterday that he will be heading out-of-state today for a long-scheduled trip with the First Lady, so he’s unable to attend tonight’s event with Mr. Trump,” said spokesman Ricky Diaz.

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