White Supremacy in the classroom: Dogwood charter school

Banning CRT is just part of the movement to protect white control:

We follow the Classical Education structure and a curriculum in Western Civilization taught in small classes by specially selected and trained teachers. Our students absorb moral virtues of good and evil through stories of heroes and villains that have passed down through our cultural heritage.

You don't have to be well-versed in the lingo of White Supremacy to smell a rat like this, but apparently NC's Charter School Board has no sense of smell at all. Here's some background on Hillsdale College, which is closely tied to Dogwood:

Saturday News: Club For Grift

TRUMP ENDORSEMENT TRUMPETED IN TV ADS FOR TED BUDD: President Donald Trump endorsed Ted Budd three months ago in North Carolina’s 2022 U.S. Senate race. Now one of Budd’s biggest political backers is spending $3 million to make sure Republicans in the state are aware of Trump’s endorsement. Club For Growth Action, which backed Budd in his first congressional bid in 2016 and has lined up behind his Senate campaign, will run a television ad promoting Trump’s endorsement for the next eight weeks in the Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro markets and statewide on Fox News. In June, Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh announced his group had raised more than $5 million — and planned to raise more — to support Budd’s Senate run. Maybe when enough of his "endorsed" candidates lose he'll have a Trumper tantrum and quit politics altogether.

Friday News: Guns in the classroom


STUDENT AT MT. TABOR HIGH SCHOOL DIES FROM GUNSHOT WOUND: One student is dead and a suspect has been arrested after a shooting Wednesday at a North Carolina high school, according to local officials. Law enforcement responded to Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem at 12:07 p.m. after the school resource officer reported a student was shot, Winston-Salem Police Chief Catrina Thompson said in a news conference. About 1,500 students attend the high school, which is in a residential neighborhood about 83 miles northeast of Charlotte. The school immediately went into lockdown, Thompson said. Law enforcement subsequently located one student, William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr., with a gunshot wound. Holding back tears, Thompson told reporters Miller was taken to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, where he later died.

It's Time For Congress To Rein In Big Tech

This past June, the House Judiciary Committee passed six long-awaited and necessary antitrust bills that will regulate Big Tech monopolies like Google and Amazon. This bipartisan legislation has been years in the making, but it could not have come at a more pressing time. Big Tech monopolies have shown time and time again that they will not regulate themselves, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the movement to delegitimize the 2020 presidential election.

Thursday News: Power trip


NC REPUBLICANS ARE NOW TARGETING AG JOSH STEIN: Tucked into this year’s state budget bill is a proposal that would give Republican legislative leaders veto power over legal settlements that involve challenges to a state law or part of the state constitution — allowing them to override the attorney general or individual state agencies on details the lawmakers oppose, even if they aren’t a party in the lawsuit. This year’s proposed budget would also cut $3 million from Stein’s office, the continuation of a $10 million cut lawmakers approved in 2017 just months after Stein was sworn in. Republican Senate leader Phil Berger explained those cuts, The N&O reported, by saying he was unhappy with Stein for doing “whatever he thinks is appropriate.” Apparently the voters think those things were appropriate, too. Quit acting like 7th graders, FFS.

Wednesday News: Nice try, but no

CAWTHORN'S SPOKESIDIOT SEZ MADDY DIDN'T ADVOCATE BLOODSHED: Luke Ball, a spokesman for Cawthorn, said in a statement to the Washington Post that the lawmaker’s remarks Sunday were “in no way supporting or advocating for any form of violence.” Cawthorn’s office did not respond to a request for comment from the Observer. “In his comments, Congressman Cawthorn is CLEARLY advocating for violence not to occur over election integrity questions,” Ball told the Post in a statement. “He fears others would erroneously choose that route and strongly states that election integrity issues should be resolved peacefully and never through violence.” When Cawthorn won the 2020 election at 25, he became the youngest Republican ever elected to Congress. And by far the most immature, and that's saying a mouthful.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Once again, they are afraid of more voters. More voters who have struggled (and still are, apparently) with the system, and are on the low end of the income scale. Tick-tock, MFers.


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