Clean up on aisle one

I know more than a few people who have been kicked off of Facebook for sharing dark thoughts. Some for simply wishing out loud that Republican bad actors would drop dead on the spot. I personally was sent to time-out for expressing my hopes that Trump and his whole squad of dipshits and dumbasses would expire from choking on chicken bones.

With every passing day, the damage done by traitorous Republicans to our society worsens. These people have let evil loose in America and we will be generations finding our way forward again.

Thursday News: Outdated concept

NC SHERIFFS WON'T SUPPORT COOPER'S MIXED DRINKS "TO GO" DIRECTIVE: The North Carolina Sheriffs' Association said Wednesday that it can't find any legal grounds to support Gov. Roy Cooper's recent executive order allowing restaurants and bars to sell mixed drinks for takeout and delivery. Cooper issued the order Monday as a way to limit the spread of coronavirus without hurting the beleaguered hospitality industry, which already is hindered by capacity limits and other restrictions the governor previously put in place. The order directs the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission to waive any state regulations that would prevent people from obtaining a mixed drink in a sealed container as a takeout order or prevent employees and contractors, such as food delivery services, from transporting such alcoholic beverages in sealed containers to customers.

Climate Change Chronicles: More than just a relief bill

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are on the way out:

The coolant phase-down would be one of the most significant federal policies ever taken to cut greenhouse gas emissions, according to an analysis by the Rhodium Group, a research and consulting firm.

By 2035, the law would help avoid the equivalent of 949 million tons of carbon dioxide, the group estimated, which is similar in scope to the extra expected emissions from Mr. Trump’s climate policy rollbacks on vehicle pollution and methane from oil and gas operations.

Read that bottom part again. One of the biggest and most important steps we could take, but it merely offsets some of the damage Trump did to our efforts to deal with climate change. Here's a short history of the EPA's efforts to control this chemical:

Wednesday News: Take him down


NC SUPREME COURT WILL REMOVE PORTRAIT OF BRUTAL SLAVE OWNER: Thomas Ruffin, a slave owner in the 1800s, believed an owner's power over his slave was absolute. He once wrote in a court ruling that slaveholders should not be convicted for the assault or battery of an enslaved person. The court's decision to remove the portrait took note of Ruffin's slave ownership and his rulings defending slavery. Its announcement said Ruffin was regarded by his contemporaries as “particularly brutal in his ownership of slaves.” “It is important that our courtroom spaces convey the highest ideals of justice and that people who come before our Court feel comfortable knowing that they will be treated fairly,” Beasley wrote.

Tuesday News: Spend it now


NC TO RECEIVE $700 MILLION IN RENTAL ASSISTANCE FROM STIMULUS: North Carolina could get nearly $700 million from the $25 billion in rental assistance included in the new COVID-19 relief bill that congressional leaders agreed on over the weekend. Part of the estimated $700 million will go to cities in the state with 200,000 or more people. The rest will go to the state government to disburse to more rural parts of North Carolina. Ninety percent of the estimated $700 million must be used for tenants’ past unpaid rent, future rent and utility payments. Payments can be made to the landlord or utility company if the state or municipality chooses to do so. If a landlord refuses the assistance, the money can be sent to the tenant to pay the landlord. Landlords can apply for the assistance on their tenant’s behalf, but the tenant must also sign the application and the funds must be used to pay the tenant’s rent.


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