The Man Behind the Curtain

When you're a Puppetmaster, it's good to be rich . . . as reported today by the News and Observer's Rob Christensen, who has a ring side seat at the Puppetshow.

An independent committee, financed by Raleigh retail executive Art Pope's company, has sent mailings into the districts of five House Republicans criticizing their record.

Repug Chameleon slimes into 41st NC house Dem primary

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A classic battle is in the making here for NC house 41st district currently held by (R) Russell Capps.

Ex Republican Men's Club President Chris Mintz is running as a Democrat for NC House district 41. Why is that? Incumbent Republican Russell Capps unexpectedly decided to run for another term, so life-long Republican Chris "The Chameleon" Mintz switched parties to run in the May 2nd Democratic primary as a Democrat. Even though in the weeks leading up to his controversial defection he was still touting his strong conservative credentials. Now he is forcing a primary against a true lifelong dedicated progressive Democrat and DFA
candidate Ty Harrell.

Cumberland Democrat Calls for Caucus on Black

Rep. Rick Glazier, D-Cumberland, told party members in his home county this weekend that he has asked for a caucus of House Democrats to discuss whether Black should step down amid an investigation into his campaign fundraising.

You will find the rest of the story here.

Republicans Hating On Republicans and A Broader Point

It may be that stories of NCGOP infighting are all starting to run together for you. They're funny, but even Seinfeld got old after a while. Here's a chunk from a story over at the NCDP website, but below the fold I want to suggest that there is more than entertainment value to these stories.

A sworn affidavit forwarded to the state Board of Elections claims that state Republican Party chairman Ferrell Blount tried to pressure Rep. Stephen LaRoque, R-Lenoir, into donating $500 to the primary opponent of Rep. Richard Morgan, R-Moore. When LaRoque refused during a Feb. 17 meeting, Blount turned to the man who ultimately filed to run against him in the May primary, Willie Ray Starling, and stated, "Willie Ray, go file."

Republican Representative Accuses NCGOP Chair of “Extortion,” Calls for His Resignation | North Carolina Democratic Party

As They Used To Say On Dragnet, "Only the Facts Ma'am"!

Only The Facts! The Whole Truth about Chicken Halwks and nothing but the Truth.

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Please paste the following into your Browser and be sure to have speakers on.

Funniest thing you've seen in a while.


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