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Go to this Appalachian State student campaign website Be sure your audio is on.

Forrest Gilliam, from Madison County, is 3rd vice chair of the 11th District.

He was elected with the slogan "Life is like a box of chocolates but with Forrest you know what you're going to get"

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I'm feeling mushy today. (Could be all the love in the air over the Shuler fundraising news. If you haven't read the news yet, check these out:

Screwy Hooligan's post

The View From Where I Sit! The Forgotten Warriors.

As Requested by all of you, I have aptly named this series, “The View From Where I Sit. This will be the first installment. As Robert has said, it will be the view of a Democrat, involved in fighting for Veterans rights, helping Veterans & a Veteran my self. I hope all of you will be able to enjoy & gain something from what I write. Anyone that wants to post it elsewhere can especially SD & DQ! Maybe one day I will use it all and write a book. Actually I did intend this to be a Letter to the editor of a Local Paper Dan


 The Forgotten Warriors


Where's Your Buddy Abramoff Now, Congressman Taylor?

{first published at Scrutiny Hooligans}

Heath Shuler is dominating the fundraising in his race against the tainted Taylor. I heard the news last night, and Real Values (via the hub of citizen journalism on North Carolina politics, BlueNC) has the numbers up today. No link, sorry. I'm posting this in a hurry, and you can go see the FEC documents for yourself.

Oh, Sweetness Itself!

Real Values: Shuler CRUSHING Taylor in Fundraising:

According to just released FEC information, Heath Shuler is absolutely crushing morally bankrupt Charles Taylor in fundraising (Taylor is still probably waiting on those Russian mob checks or Indian gaming checks to clear).

You'll have to click on over for the numbers. It's worth it!

Just in case there's any confusion

about what we're up against, I had the opportunity this morning to review last year's John Locke Foundation IRS filing, two pages of which are included as attachments below.

Income from seminars and luncheons - $56,760

Income from the Puppetmaster - $1,696,142

All other contributions - $199,999

Which means the Puppetmaster personally contributes around 90% of the money to fund his right wing crusade.


PS If any of you are banking with BB&T, now would be a very good time to write to them and let you know how much you appreciate them spending $30,000 of the profits they make on their hard-working customers to support the Puppetmaster. You can use this form to let them know you're closing your account.

Puppetshow Reruns

For those of you who don't know, Little Ricky Martinez, the conservative columnist at the N&O, is married to Donna Martinez, who works at the John Locke Foundation. He shills for the Puppetmaster for free, while she gets paid to do it as a full-fledged member of the Puppetshow itself. If it all sounds like part of the vast right-wing conspiracy funded by Art Pope -- the millionaire who uses his 527 organization to illegally buy elections -- it is.

Today's interview by Ms. Martinez with NC State professor Andrew Taylor, however, reveals the Puppetshow for what it really is: irrelevant. Go take a look (I'm linking today to make a point) at the dazzling discussion about the North Carolina congressional races. Here's some of what you'll find . . .


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