Thank you Congressman Watt

With people like Taylor, Hayes, Burr and Dole dividing our nation to feather their own nests, it's reassuring to see this kind of news about the hard work of Congressman Mel Watt.

Almost a year of behind-the-scenes work by Rep. Mel Watt came to fruition Tuesday when House and Senate leaders from both parties endorsed a bill -- co-authored by the Charlotte Democrat -- that would strengthen and extend for 25 years the Voting Rights Act. That 1965 landmark legislation, passed amid the civil rights struggles and then renewed in 1982, outlawed efforts, especially in the South, to deny African Americans the right to vote.

A Question from Afar

A blogger on another stage wrote in with a question. I gave a brief response, but I also let him know that I'd post the question for your responses, what with several heads being better than one (especially if the one is mine).

As I'm unfamiliar with the state, in races for Congress, which races do you think will be close? I'm guessing Larry Kissell has a shot (if he gets funding) but what's your take on all the Cong. Districts?

Joe Boylan to Art Pope: YES MASTER

You gotta love Joe Boylan, the Pinehurst hair dresser-turned-Puppet. He thinks he's the Little Engine That Could, pretending he can't see the Art Pope Express pushing him across the finish line against Richard Morgan. The Pilot replays Boylan's delusions for all to see:

Boylan, who campaigned door-to-door all over Moore County and lost nearly 20 pounds in the process, received a lot of outside help, including support from the North Carolina Republican Party, which basically declared war on Morgan.


Teacher rallies from underdog status, wins in all 10 counties

I love the above subtitle in this morning's Charlotte Observer, Democrats Choose Kissell to Face Hayes. Because that's exactly what happened thanks to the working families of North Carolina's 8th District and the support of good folks from all over such as yourselves. And this scrappy underdog won't be changing a thing all the way to November, when we teach not only Robin Hayes a lesson in real representation, but the entire nation what grassroots politics is all about.

An earlier version of the article posted last night kind of made me chuckle. It said Kissell Wins Easily, Will Face Hayes. Let me tell you, working all day, then dialing for dollars and campaigning all night in one of the largest Districts in the state is hardly easy, but I'm honored that the good support we have sure made it look that way. You, the people, made it happen. And I thank you, and ask you to stick with me on the road to November Victory.

The Mourning After

Cross Posted at Keeping Reality In Sight

On this beautiful morning, the day after the 2006 primary elections, District 13 and probably the whole state of NC, is in mourning. Vernon Robinson won his primary. We have six more months of his lies, inuendos, and irritating ads. Yuck!

My mom complained yesterday that I pay way too much attention to politics. I figured she was just doing her usual nagging until my husband and my sister agreed. Am I really?

Do you think you're into politics too much when:

A. You rush through your husband's birthday dinner so you can make it to vote in a primary election?

Art Pope to Boylan: I OWN YOU

In the wake of Art Pope's victory over Richard Morgan in District 52, a new Puppet joins the show! Hair salon owner Joe Boylan, now officially on the Puppetmaster's short leash, will be carrying all kinds of water for his evil master. And just in case you have any doubt about what really happened, let me summarize it for you.

1. North Carolina Republicans value party loyalty over effective government.

2. Art Pope wants to be king of the Old North State.


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