Killing them softly

Nowhere does the lunacy of public policy shine brighter today than in the area of capital punishment. Here in North Carolina, the latest sad chapter is enough to make a grown man cry. Or maybe even fry.

At issue is the nature of cruel and unusual punishment -- and whether those on death row should have to endure the pain and knowledge of their executions as they happen. There are too many facets of the capital punishment debate for me to take on tonight, so let's just focus on the one in the news.

Asheville's Mountain Xpress Gets Behind Charles Taylor for Congress

Asheville's Mountain Xpress jumped on the Charles Taylor for Congress bandwagon today with an excellent writeup of the parody site that's sprouted up in western North Carolina. I'm going to get crazy and republish the whole thing right here.

Chainsawing Charlie
Some political observers say U.S. Rep. Charles Taylor, who represents a hefty slice of Western North Carolina, is facing quite a battle to retain his seat this year – and a wicked digital doppelgänger is doing his bit to send the seven-term Republican congressman back to the hills.

Thank you Kos - I'm Famous!

Thanks to an email from a friend, I learned that I am prominently featured in The New York Review of Books review of Crashing the Gates. No kidding! Okay, not prominent, but I'm mentioned!!!

At the center of this world, however, is Daily Kos, which because of its particular architecture, and the open spirit of its founder, has become an experiment in Web-style democracy...But anyone who joins Daily Kos—a free and painless process—is allowed to post "diaries"—really mini-essays—about particular topics at any time. As I write this, on a Monday morning in late February, there are dozens of new diaries posted within the last hour on such subjects as "The End of Medicaid Is Beginning" by chuckles1, or "Dangers Posed by IRS Secrecy" by redlami, or "Time for a Port Pivot" by AlphaLiberal.

DC for Democracy: "Change the Course in Iraq"

Hi, all. I'm not a N Carolinian, I'm with DC for Democracy. But please take a minute to read.

I was wondering if anyone could help pump up, organize, or publicize our now-nationwide "Change the Course in Iraq" initiative.

DCFD has spearheaded a campaign, with DFA's help, to gather 218 signatures for the Discharge Petition for H Res 543, which would force the House to debate the current situation in Iraq for the first time since 2002. (We are currently at 95.) Under H Res 543, any and every proposed amendment must be considered and voted upon.

What will it take?

Check out the Asheville Citizen Times front page.

Or the Hendersonville Times-News Online.

What's missing?

Not the castration story or American Idol, Thank God:

• Court case involving castration suspects postponed (11:08 am)
• Band performance to honor WCU students who died in waterfall accident (9:02 am)
• Eastbound lane of Interstate 26 closed for maintenance (8:08 am)

Hickory paper hearts Carsner over McDweeb

Unlike in its neighboring 11th district, not every paper in the 10th is bowing to the Republican party line. Today the Hickory Daily Record gave the love to their home boy, Congressional Candidate Richard Carsner over wannabe slimeball-in-chief Patrick McHenry (R-10).

Richard Carsner, a Democrat who is McHenry’s opponent for the U.S. House, said the hearing Tuesday was political grandstanding. He questions McHenry’s efforts to address the meth epidemic.


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