NC Conservation Network's Focus for Short Session

The N.C. Conservation Network has posted what they view as the most pressing environmental issues of the N.C. Legislature's short session. This is a good guide of what to keep our Democratic legislature's feet to the fire on this year:

Energy efficiency. North Carolina residents currently pay over $10 billion dollars each year to import coal and natural gas from other states. Energy demand is expected to grow faster than population over the next several decades and our utilities have proposed to meet this demand by building new polluting power plants and burning more fossil fuels – but there’s a better way...

Wake County Schools = WaCo?

Today the Wake County School Board will come to terms with the issue of mandatory year yound edcuation. Whether it goes forth or suffers a defeat may largely have to do with a new bond proposal they will discuss tonight.

The debate is over whether to pass a $1+ billion bond to support new schools and trailers, OR to ask for a lesser bond around $600 million and convert almost all K-8 level schools into year rounds.

This is a very important issue for anyone with children in Wake County. And it may also be important to those in the surrounding counties as well as Guilford and Mecklenburg Schools. I don't have any kids, but as a progressive and democrat (small d) education is one of the key moral issues of our era. Better and smarter education policies will be the cornerstone of how the next few generations survive in the world's economy. Not to mention the future leaders of NC, espicially politicans, will come from this 48th in education state.


On May 20,2006 American Legion Post 192 along with VFW Post 8635 will be sponsoring a ride to benefit the troops. It will be lead by a Humvee and Iraq Vets. It will travel the Nationally known ,world famous, "Tail of The Dragon","318 curves in 11 miles"!

The Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, with 318 curves in 11 miles, is America ’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. The nearby Cherohala Skyway is quickly becoming number two with its remote 60 miles of scenic mountain highway. The area also has other roads less traveled, but just as exciting. Come and discover them all.There will also be a DJ & Live Music.

Some Reporters Just Amaze Me!

Dear Mr/Ms GOP Conservative Reporter,

Well, I just so happened to miss A_ _hole without Leave,Bush's immigration speech. Not that I wanted to but I did so kick me.

I did a little snooping. They were authorized when he first took office to put on 2000 more agents out of which they still are short of 700.

Me haveing worked at the ASA Communications Center in AZ called up a old Army buddy who still lives out there to confirm some things.

98% of most all NG Units in that area are MP units and some of you idiot reporters on TV are telling that they will have no Law Enforcement Rights. WRONG!!!

Charles Taylor Out of the Mainstream on Immigration

After hearing President Bush offer his carefully choreographed paean to anti-immigration Americans and to voting Hispanics, it became clear just how far out of the mainstream Congressman Charles Taylor is. His support of the hateful HR4437 demonstrates that not even our right wing President is radical enough.

I'm Back!

Dang, It sure feels great to be back!!!! Lance, I dont know what to tell ya. I was useing Firefox with the IE TAb and could not get back in so I come back over here to IE 7 and BAM! I'm in!

DQ & Southern Dem, I love ya both! Thanks for trying to locate me and wondering where I was. I thought you were going to have to call 911 & the National Guard!
All Me Best!!


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