Who Should Own Elections: Voters or Businesses?


RALEIGH — North Carolina’s very own right wing think tank announced today it opposes the expansion of public financing of elections beyond judicial races. Saying that such a move would “only hurt taxpayers and the democratic process,” the John Locke Foundation policy has trumped up yet another sham policy report to push their free-market-at-any-cost agenda. And in this case, the "cost" is the freedom and fairness of our elections.


Winston-Salem Journal | Taylor: Cost for Flight 93 memorial has grown

"Taylor does pull it out every time, and everything I have seen indicates he will be able to hold on again this year," said Chris Cooper, a professor of political science at Western Carolina University. "He is viewed as doing a very good job of bringing home the pork," he said.

Except we know that's not true. Let's make some noise on this.

TPJ endorses Robin Hudson

This e-mail from The Political Junkies speaks for itself:

In the four years that The Political Junkies has published, this is the first time that we have felt is necessary to write North Carolina readers individually, But, on Tuesday night NC Democrats could be asking, “What happened?”

One critical seat on the North Carolina State Supreme Court is at stake Tuesday. Two Democrats, in a four candidate “non-partisan” field, are vying to make the November “non-partisan” general election.


The e-mail goes on to say what I've been asserting all along:

The other Democrat is Bill Gore, but Bill Gore is not a Democrat as most in our Party view a Democrat. He is openly running on a right wing agenda that competes with any radical Republican. Gore has unabashedly demonstrated that he is a strict constructionist, who does not believe in the separation of church and state, and who would vote against Roe v. Wade, which recognizes a woman’s reproductive rights.

For the next 2 days I will be scarce! But Remember!

I can Just hear Lance & Robert now! WHOOPIEE! Dan is on a reduced scheduled over the next 2 days, finally some peace & quiet! hahahahaha!

No, I have to be at the vets office early in the morning. They are comming to put my phones & I-net connect in and they didnt give me a time. Wasnt that nice! Then Tuesday i will be a pricecent official in the election which means I will spend tommorow going thru & thru my manual makeing sure I know it word for word should something arise. I will try to drop by tommorow afternoon if possible.

But, I just wanted to leave all of you with this to be thinking about! We, Here at BlueNC are more than just mere bloggers & writers! We are friends, We are a family, We are the can do crowd! We dont quit,or leave one behind.

A call for Justice! FBI say's wannabes & Fakers outnumber vets.I need your help!

Recently, a couple of months ago, State Senator John Snow-D, 50th Dist, bestowed upon me the great Honor, Prividilige & Responsibility of authoring a resolution and amendment to be drafted into law and go into the NC General Statutes regarding Stolen Medals, The wearing & display of Medals not earned and display of licence plates that a DD-214 Discharge summary does not say you are entitled to. It would make it a felony to do so especially in regarding to the medal of Honor. Now the Republicans don’t seem interested in backing it. Before I tell you what you can do to help let me share the following story with you.

Dull Bored with DC?

Rumor from the Crawfish Boil I attended today has it that Liddy Dole is sick and tired of Washington and has decided she wants to be the Governor of North Carolina next. Apparently she's somewhere between bored and worn out and is looking for another position where she won't have to work so hard. Southern Dem diaried this earlier (I think) but the rumor remains persistent.

Makes sense to me, given that she's doing such a crappy job as a North Carolina Senator. Isn't rewarding incompetence the Republican way?

And don't forget, she'd rather be in Montana.


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