Has Anyone got a Ice Pack Taylor can sit On? Round 1 Shuler!

Round 1 on WLOS-TV? Advantage Shuler!!!!!! I think Mr. Taylors arse might be Sortched right now. Something that Taylor nor the reporter brought up is this. It WILL NOT cost the Billions Taylor says it will! How do I know? I spent the afternoon with fellow Veterans Derrell & Sharon Huffman in my office. Sharons brother lives less than 2 miles from the crash site. I was amazed to find out when I showed him the Washington Post Article;

Well I know the folks of the surrounding area of Somerset County DID donate so much land towards the primary area for the main memorial

Watch TV @ 11pm

My friends from a certain race in NC told me to be sure to watch WLOS-TV out of Asheville @ 11pm tonight and Good Morning America & Dayside tommorow!
This source is 100% on the money as are cigars & Scotch!

Raleigh Drinking Liberally - Flying Saucer Tonite (4/25)!

Same bat time, same bat channel.  Hope to see everyone there, and bring a friend!

News roundup:
1:  Because when your gas prices are high, the #1 thing that we need to do in order to lower them (aside from granting insane retirement packages to oil executives) is to exempt them from environmental regulations.  Buried in here is another reference to the little known fact that the government has been filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve this whole time.  Oh yeah.  Remember back in, 2001ish when Bush dumped oil out of it and created artificially low gas prices?  While the price per barrel has been climbing steadily, we've been filling it back up.  Good bang for the buck there.
2:  Scotty McClellan is out of the White House, and it looks like FOX will get an inside guy - Tony Snow.  My favorite quote on the White House "staff shakeup":  "It's the equivalent of rearranging all the deck chairs on the Titanic".
3:  Which is true?  This one, or this one?
4:  195 days to prove this wrong.
5:  Mary McCarthy was fired from the CIA for allegedly talking about the secret prisons in Europe.  She has denied leaking any sort of information. 
6:  The telecommunications industry has decided that they want to start instituting QoS for different times of network traffic- for a price.  The ramifications are that it could be used to restrict access to sites that aren't able to pay to play.  Net Neutrality is a must.  Anyone who wants more in-depth information on what this is all about, feel free to ask me directly.
7:  The World Bank lying?  Covering up?  Mis-filing?  Who would have thunk.
8:  Two interestingly scary things about using nuclear weapons on Iran.  A)  What the fallout would look like.  B)  If Bush is crazy enough to actually use nuclear weapons and violate half a dozen different laws and treaties, his order goes direct to Rumsfeld to the commanding officer in the field.  The Joint Chiefs, Congress, no one else gets to say 'STOP'.

Gotta love trolls

I love it when trolls come by and display their intellect for all to see. This one - a lunatic named McFly - is definitely worth showcasing.

Hah. I wish my views were so clearly defined that I had to copy and paste them off a website. How appropriate!

"Limitations on the power of government, wealth and religion"? I defy you to show me a 'liberal' who really wants to limit the power of government except as it relates to national security. Limit the power of wealth? Good luck with that. The Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburgers are firmly entrenched. You can dance around chanting, 'Hey, hey, ho, ho, rich white folks have got to go' until you cough up your larynx, but you'll never change the makeup of the global ruling elite. Limit the power of religion? You mean Christianity, right? Because 'liberlz' would rather hide in their closets than stand up to radical islam. Christianity is the only religion whose power needs to be limited. After all, anyone (any Christian that is) who believes in a moral absolute is really just trying to impose their views on you and erode your right to live by any set of standards you choose. Jihadists who plant bombs in restaurants, however, are freedom fighters trying to save us all from zionist oppression.


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