Grassroots Electoral Training in Asheville

Democracy for America, Asheville is hosting a Grassroots Electoral Training on May 6-7th in Asheville, NC.

Progressives from across the South will be converging for a weekend of networking, skill building and strategizing to turn the South blue.

The training features hands-on sessions on online organizing, voter contact, GOTV activities, rural organizing, running and winning as a progressive, and many other topics. Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided.

Sign up now. Registration is limited to 150.

Join us. For details and registration info,check out:

N&O Writer's Schlock

I write a monthly newspaper column, but I wish it were every week. There's no end to great subjects and interesting things to write about. Which is why I always laugh when columnists take short cuts and do something like this from Rick Martinez, who is often referred to as the "conservative Latino columnist at the N&O. My old editorial teacher, Walter Spearman, called this kind of thing a "round-up." I call it lazy.

There's more . . .

Race Baiting Robin Hayes

"China is much more of a threat than an opportunity right now. You can never be tough enough on the Chinese." —Hayes

I'm sure that a consultant told him that his district wants to hear tough talk on trade, but this is just silly. Especially coming from a guy who five months ago was busy lashing China with a wet noodle.

Virtual dead turkeys

Hunting for turkeys?

Bladen Journal - Elizabethtown, North Carolina

North Carolina's turkey hunters had a new way to commemorate a successful hunt when the spring bearded turkey season began Saturday, April 8.

A new feature on the Web site of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will allow hunters who register a kill online to fill out and print a certificate bearing the hunter's name, the game taken, the date, the location and other pertinent details. "It's a way for hunters to keep a record of their harvest," said Daron Barnes, permits and planning supervisor for the Commission.

V is for vouchers?

Most progressives I know are instinctively and emotionally against the idea of vouchers. In my case, I've long been opposed to vouchers -- for a few very specific reasons. Most of them are pretty well articulated here. All of the issues presented make sense to me, but this is the one I've been most concerned about:

A pure voucher system would only encourage economic, racial, ethnic, and religious stratification in our society. America’s success has been built on our ability to unify our diverse populations.

But I must not be too concerned about it because I took my daughter out of one of the best public school systems in the state (Chapel Hill) and put her in a Waldorf high school where there are seven kids in her entire grade. The difference has been transformative - mostly because of the approach to teaching they use, but also simply because of the small scale and intimacy.

Ok Lance, Screwy & Robert, The Truth has come out!

Ok , It Happened, The whole Truth and Nuthin but the Truth is out on you 3!

I been busy today, 2 trips to Waynesville. During the 2nd trip ,Brian Hopkins of the Shuler Campain and I were traveling about town ,in his Midnight Blue car, which by the way is a nice lookin car.

Well we were talking about Blue NC amongst other things and he asked how I liked bloggin around with you all. Of course you KNOW, I had HIGH prases for all here. He just happened to mention he knew the 3 of ya. As I dont really think that you all had already paid him off to say the good things he did about ya, In my humble opinon, You 3 at the very least owe the man a beer for high reccomendations and respectfull things he said about you! Really, Im tellin the truth. He had very good comments about all of ya! I didnt know what really good company I was hanging out with!


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