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Members of the House Democratic Caucus heard news Tuesday night that many of them have been waiting to hear for a long time and it had nothing to do with Speaker Jim Black.

House Appropriations Chair Jim Crawford told the closed meeting that state revenues were running well ahead of schedule and that there would be money available this session.

DNC Chair Howard Dean to Visit Charlotte

The text of a MCDP press release:

On April 28, the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party (MCDP) will hold a BBQ fund-raiser at which the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, Gov. Howard Dean, will be the featured speaker. The visit will be Gov. Dean's first to Charlotte as DNC chair.

Taylor fights for his political life

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Great fun! In the Asheville Citizen-Times website, you can see video of our dear Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) fighting for his political life. After being accused of strong ties to convicted felon Jack Abramoff, he came out of his dark hole of non-communication with his constituents to admit to $10,000 in contributions from Saginaw Chippewa, denials he's ever met Abramoff, and generally bumbling about his "fundraising" history.

In several repetitive audio and video clips you can see and hear him call his April 11 fundraiser that netted $30,000 "unrelated" to Abramoff or his lobbying efforts. Good try. He can't stop mentioning he's never meeting Abramoff. I guess, in Chuckie-world, personal e-mails don't count as "meeting."

He replied when asked about former (i.e., GE lobbyist Roger France) and current staff meeting Jacko:

I don't know. I mean, I don't know if they have or haven't. I haven't gone around and asked 'em. I would doubt it but you would have to ask them.

I love how, once one of your buddies becomes a convicted felon, you just don't ask your staff about meeting him. I mean, I wouldn't ask, either dear congressman Taylor, if I wanted to be able to say I didn't know.

And memo to whomever was asking the questions? Failure to follow-up. That's what it's called in journalism circles. Failure to follow up. let me give you some suggestions:

Why haven't you asked your staff? After all, you've been tied to convicted felon through press reports and e-mails and you sit here a tell me to my face, you never asked your staff if they had had any contact with him? Why? You must know it makes you look pretty bad.

He describes the April 11th fundraiser that has been publicly linked to Jack Abramoff:

It would be a handful of people. It would have been less than 50 . . . it would be $500 and up . . . It was a reception. They get finger food.

Donated but wasn't there? he was asked. "And that's not uncommon," Taylor was quick to reply.

Was Abramoff in attendance?

President Bush Admits to Hearing Voices

This is simply too rich to just let go. There is absolutely no possible way this man has an Ivy League education. The "decider" in chief is caught on tape saying, "I listen to all the voices." Too bad for the rest of us he never pays close attention to them! Crooks and Liars has the video.

If he did pay attention, he might have heard Scotty saying, "I quit!" Scott McClellen is out as press secretary. Anyone want the job?

"Blue Laws" - Sunday Hunting Ban Under Fire?

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From the Charlotte Observer

Dain Palmer, human dimension biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, says the agency doesn't have the authority to regulate hunting on Sundays, and that the commission was instructed to conduct the study.

Grassroots Electoral Training in Asheville

Democracy for America, Asheville is hosting a Grassroots Electoral Training on May 6-7th in Asheville, NC.

Progressives from across the South will be converging for a weekend of networking, skill building and strategizing to turn the South blue.

The training features hands-on sessions on online organizing, voter contact, GOTV activities, rural organizing, running and winning as a progressive, and many other topics. Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided.

Sign up now. Registration is limited to 150.

Join us. For details and registration info,check out:


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