In Rowan, GOP Stands for Grand Old Parasites

Wow. I didn’t know that being the party of limited government meant standing up for waterborne bacteria. Here in Rowan, our state and local elected officials have declined to endorse the Clean Water Bonds. They're worried that the bulk of the money will go down east.

Well, so what? I have relatives in Brunswick County. I don’t begrudge them clean water any more than I do my own family. Besides, many Rowan residents vacation down east. Guess from now on, I’ll have to pick up some bottles of Evian in addition to suntan lotion before we make a road trip to the beach, to prevent both sunburn and typhoid.

Get Paid to Kick Republican Ass

This was sent out to Drinking Liberally chapters, and with permission I pass it on to you. Sounds exciting!


Grassroots Campaigns is hiring field organizers to work with Political Action to defeat Republican Members of Congress and the Bush-Radical Right agenda. Mobilize citizen activists to win the most closely contested House and Senate seats throughout the country. Responsibilities include working with the media; recruiting, training and managing volunteers; and voter contact and mobilization. Organizers must be willing to travel extensively and must have access to a car. Hiring immediately to build for the 2006 election.

NC-08: Why are the Pols and Pundits so Far Behind?

With all of the good news coming out of North Carolina's 8th Congressional District for Larry Kissell, I haven't had an easy time trying to figure out why the national political writers and pundits are so far behind in marking this district as competitive. I've looked at all of the other races Hayes has run and haven't come up with much that supports their position. It all still looks very good for challenger, Larry Kissell.

Details below the fold...

Duke Energy Funding Attack Ads in Alabama through Republican-Led Front

Public Citizen is pissed about Duke (along with large businesses) dumping cash into the race for Chief Justice of the Alamaba Supreme Court. The front group is the American Taxpayers Alliance is no stranger to electioneering (check the butt of their rifle for a notch for Gray Davis). Here's the Duke Energy contact page (where you might notice that Duke doesn't even have customers in Alabama).

Asheville Drinking Liberally: Splitsville

Splits are nice things, right? We like to see limber gymnasts do them. We like the banana variety with nuts and fudge. We like to hear from the corporate media that the Republicans are splitting over the immigration issue. But the split that menaces, the split that may be emerging as the mule in the room, is the split in the Democratic Party.

Moderate (Independent) to Challenge Boylan

It doesn't get much more interesting than this. Fed up with all the crap flying between Pope and Morgan (and little Joe Boylan caught in the cross-fire), the ex-Police Chief of Southern Pines is taking the independent route to challenge the Puppetmaster. I hope this guy is for real, because I sure like the way he talks:

Vote for DFA to endorse Kissell!

I got an e-mail today from DFA. They're looking for their next Grassroots All-Star and Larry Kissell (NC-8) is on the list. (I think I might have nominated him, but I'm sure others did too).

Anyway, go vote for him, and tell your friends to vote too, because a DFA endorsement would be highly influential.

Note: I would crosspost this to DailyKos, but I think it would go better with some colorful pictures from the fundraising event last night.


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