How to Be Great? Think Big, Think Bold

The most frustrating aspect of fighting for progressive change in North Carolina is the constant reactionary pressure to not change anything, or "if you do, make sure it is not too radical". These forces have reared their head in the fight against the Regional Rail in the Triangle and even the nixing of artistic lightposts in Raleigh. Whether the argument thrown out is that public transportation would not work here or these lights are too ornate for Raleigh, the end result is that we have a bland city with tons of sprawl and traffic problems. If we want to have a great state, Triangle, or city, we need to take chances; whether the lights in Raleigh would have been considered great urban art or just odd urban art does not matter, since the important aspect would be a unique, bold

"When Duke Drinks, Watch Out!" Open Thread

Duke's Athletic Director needed more than 42 stitches to his head after his soon DUI'd a ski boat into a pile of rocks in a no wake zone. J.J. Reddick was not at the scene, and it doesn't appear that any Lacrosse players were involved.

Duke athletic director needs 42 stitches after boating accident - CBS

Lest We Forget: Charles Taylor's CAFTA Problem

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In the political lexicon of western North Carolina's eleventh district, a reference to Congressman Charles Taylor's "botched" CAFTA vote is a gilded euphemism for Taylor's willingness to lie to his constituents about his vote on one of the most important issues they face.

Public Citizen: "Taylor released a statement the day after the vote claiming that he did in fact vote against CAFTA but blamed his “lost” vote on a machine error.[3] Soon after his initial statement, Taylor’s staff offered different and contradictory stories of what happened. Originally his press secretary claimed that Taylor had not been on the floor during the customary voting time and cast his vote only at the end of the allocated time, suggesting that as a result, he had no opportunity to realize the technical problem. [4] However, the office quickly changed its story, announcing that Taylor had voted during the official 15-minute voting period and then had left the House floor with Rep. Howard Coble (R-N.C.) in an attempt to escape GOP House leaders who might pressure them to change their votes. [5] Taylorclaims that he and Coble “voted ‘no’ together.” [6] However, Coble recollects that he and Taylor met up after Coble voted. “I didn’t see him [Taylor] insert the card,” Coble said. [7] Taylor says he and Coble then retreated to an Appropriations Committee office in the U.S. Capitol and watched the voting on C-SPAN with the sound turned off and that it was not until the next morning he discovered that his vote went uncounted, although Coble’s chief of staff reportedly did hear Taylor’s name mentioned on C-SPAN and tried to contact Taylor. [8]

Fuck the Bloginati! (aka Who the Hell is Paul Hodes?)

I'm done. Done with KOS, MyDD, SwingState...

All the corporate "progressive" bullshit.

"Let's open the floor for netroots nominations..." my ass.

How about...

Let's endorse the guy that spent $20 grand on a DailyKOS ad asking people to vote for him to win $5,000 from Mark Warner!

Are they fucking serious?

I'd rather give money to a crackhead than another Ned Lamont.

And who the fuck is Paul Hodes? That must be the infamous girly drink induced northeastern stratergy...

Speed Bump on the Road To Wireless Internet


Frequent contributor at BlueNC and all around good guy Brian R., posts today at Orange Politics on the Chapel Hill Town Council's decision NOT to pull into the fastlane on the digital super highway.

Last night the Chapel Hill Town Council rejected a proposal to create a committee to explore the creation of a municipal network. What ensued was the first public discussion by council of what they really think about this topic. In short they will not charter a WiFi committee. Looming large is the need for the town to completely overhaul itself in regards to technology. Where are the citizen tech experts? Will the town create a technology master plan? What will the new Town Manager do? Read on to get a “play by play” account of the discussion.

"Journalism" at the Hickory Daily Record

Day four, and the Hickory Daily Record still hasn't found the cajones to challenge Catawba County Schools Superintendent Markley or technology officer Judith Ray and their narrative about Google (or some unnamed girl) being at fault for the unauthorized release of more than 600 students' social security numbers.

Analogy: I leave my car in downtown Hickory until it gets towed, and then the Record reports that the city stole my car.

Congressman Charles Taylor of Broken Promises Mountain

OK,OK! I am sure that by now everybody has seen the movie Brokeback mountain, or Cold Mountain. Well they left out one mountain along with the only person liveing on it. So come visit!
Charles Taylor of Broken Promises Mountian


And while your at it ,dont bring no soap & water for this guy, Bring plenty of dirt for him & da Hogs to wallow in!


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