The Republicans Punish NC College Students

Today the rates on student loans are set to increase by over 2 percentage points. The huge jump will cost the average North Carolina college attendee an extra $2247 to $2705. The prime reason for this increase is neglect by the current administration and Congress. This is contrasted strongly with Clinton and Gore's strong committment to decreasing the burden of loans on students. (one of many examples can be found here). In contrast, the current administration has done absolutely nothing to help with college expenses as tuition and now loan rates have skyrocketed; in fact the Republican Congress and Administration cut $12 billion from the loan program.

Open thread: WYFP?

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There's a Friday tradition at Daily Kos called "What's Your F*cking Problem?" A diarist (usually Elizabeth D) posts an open thread for anyone who wants to weigh in with their frustration du jour. I can't promise it'll make a difference - or even that you'll feel better - but you never know. Give it a try!

To All My Great Friends, Happy 4th!

Starting at 5pm today I will be busy with Military & Veterans duties thru the 4th on Tuesday plus I have the Division Sergant Major from the 82nd Airborne comming to be with us for the 4th . So I thought I might ought to do this!

From Our Family To All of you and yours!

Here is wishing all of you a Great, Safe, Happy 4th of July!!!!
Danny, Linda & Greg Siler

Update: I pledge allegiance

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Driven by my strong distaste for legislating patriotism. I've written to nearly every NC House member, pleading with them to resist their patriotic pandering with a new law that would require schools to "offer" the Pledge of Allegiance every day. Many have written back, some agreeing, and most disagreeing with my position. Today I heard from Grier Martin:

I ended up voting for this bill. It was a feel good bill, but I can't say I feel too good after the vote. The reasons you served in the armed forces certainly parallel my reasons for serving. What enabled me to support this bill was the clause that schools "shall not compel any person to stand, salute the flag, or recite the Pledge of Allegiance".

NC-11 Upgraded from Leans Republican to Toss-Up

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI just received this from the Heath Shuler campaign:

"Friends, I have some great news to share with you today.

Just yesterday the Cook Political Report, one of the most respected political newsletters in the country, moved our race from “Leans Republican” into the “Toss-Up” category. This is excellent news for the campaign and another sign of our growing momentum.

NC-5 Profiled

Scripps Howard News Service

More than once, somebody says, "We have a Foxx in the henhouse _ and we've got to get her out," bringing laughter. But several seniors tell me quietly that Roger Sharpe, the Democratic congressional candidate, has an uphill battle to unseat Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx.

Also in the news: - Republicans and Democrats head home with talking points - Jun 30, 2006

Light blogging from me this weekend.

Going mental

After hours of slogging through drivel from the Carolina Journal and the extended Puppetshow family, I finally came across something worthwhile today, a smart and well-written column by Don Stedman, dean emeritus in education at UNC Chapel Hill. His commentary about the state of mental health services in North Carolina is right on the money and well worth reading. And his closing line is an awesome response to free-market maniacs who want big bidness to take over everything.

No mistake -- residential care and treatment are badly needed as key parts of a mostly community-based service system, but they need to be downsized and more widely distributed and clearly connected to regional coordination centers with the resources necessary to carry out their missions. And forget privatization. There is no profit in human service. If there is, we have another kind of problem.


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