51% of 2006 NC Legislature Races Already Decided


Results are in for 86 - or 50.6% - of the 2006 races for the NC General Assembly. This includes 64 (53% of the total) in the House and 22 (44% of the total) in the Senate. Only 56 House and 28 Senate seats remain to be decided in November.

The winners include 33 Democrats and 31 Republicans in the House, as well as 12 Democrats and 10 Republicans in the Senate. Why are the results in already? Because all these candidates are unopposed in the November election.

The winners include:

House Dems
W. C. (Bill) Owens, Jr.
Edward (Ed) Jones
Edith D. Warren

We Need Some Good News

Maybe it was just Anglico and I who were feeling a bit pissy today. It seems that stress levels are high and the news goes from bad to worse. Whether it's Jim Black dragging down our spirits or Newt Gingrich foaming at the mouth cheering on WWIII, it seems we're catching it from both sides politically.

What's worse is that while we worry about what truly are important questions concerning our nation's future, there are men, women and children dying simply because they live in the wrong building or were shopping in the wrong market or praying in the wrong mosque. We don't talk about that much here at BlueNC. However, that doesn't mean we are indifferent to the pain of those suffering through these terrible events. At this stage I'm not sure there is anything we can do but sit back and watch as the horror of the bombings unfolds in the Middle East.

taylor's latest self-fluffing campaign mailing!

lookie what was waiting for me when i got home from work today! (click to enlarge - you can actually read some of it as well!)

(i'll try to get a pic of the other side of it a little later)

i don't have time right now to properly rail against this thing, but i can tell you that i made a few phone calls...

- called the Asheville office to voice my concern, and was immediately transferred to DC
- the woman in dc (whose name I did not get - she sounded young) assured me that franking information was all public knowledge, and that I had to get in touch with the "house admin legal resources" (sic), and gave me the phone number for the house switchboard. either she didn't know how to transfer my call to the house switchboard, she didn't want to transfer my call to the house switchboard, or taylor was too cheap to buy a phone with a "transfer" button on it. (the latter makes the most sense; if i understand it correctly, franking comes out of each representative's office budget.)

Howard J. Hunter, NC House District 5

Democrat Howard J. Hunter has served 9 terms in the NC House. He is running against Republican Kyle Jones. Hunter serves Hertford, Bertie, Gates and Perquimans Counties. His district falls in NC Senate District 4 and the 1st Congressional District. Go here for a colorful map of the district as it relates to the rest of the state.

Hunter's tenure in the House has earned him some choice leadership assignments. He serves as the Chairman of the Appropriation Subcommittee on Natural and Economic Resources, Vice Chairman on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Capital and Vice Chairman on the actual Appropriations committee. He sits on several other commitees. You will find the complete listing here.

Will Bush and Gonzales get away with it?

I felt hope reading this article, despite the headline. And there's a North Carolina angle! To summarize the article: A former Vietnam P.O.W. lobbied Congress in 1996 to pass the War Crimes Act which criminalizes abuses of the Geneva Conventions for civilian leadership. I didn't realize that this Act is the only recourse for domestic prosecution of these crimes. Although, I have always dreamed of dubyass and cheney at The Hague...
I've excerpted highlights, but watch the commercial and enjoy the rest of the day at Salon. :) I really enjoy the Ask the Pilot columns at Salon, just in case you need more than one reason to watch the ad.... ;)

You Can Believe Me, Or You Can Believe Your Lyin' Eyes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCongressman Charles Taylor's first television ad of the campaign season, brought to you as part of a $10 million multi-district campaign from the United States Chamber of Commerce, touts Taylor's record on Medicare. It's disturbing to think that Charles Taylor's benefactors believe they can fool western North Carolina's seniors into ignoring their own experiences with Medicare Part D.


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