Zombieland in Chatham: The high cost of low expectations

There once was an asshole named Bunky Morgan, a Chatham County Commissioner who led the charge on rampant development that rewarded nobody save a handful of wealthy land speculators. Today the results of Morgan's gluttonous greed resemble a road trip from hell.

Five years later, the land remains untouched or worse: Forests were cleared to accommodate homes that never materialized. In some developments, only a dozen empty houses are parked on a rural outpost where the sidewalks abruptly end. At other subdivisions perched near Jordan Lake or the Haw River, runoff from the construction site has polluted the water.

For free-market extremists like Francis Roche and his anti-planning, anti-government friends in the Puppetshow, this is exactly how things are supposed to work. Kudos to the Independent Weekly and Rebekah Cowell for some excellent reporting.


Shades of the 1920's

These abandoned developments are nothing new, they are just stark reminders of what we chose to forget.

While hiking in backwoods Florida, where I grew up in the 60's, I would come face to face with such incongruites as an oak tree trunk fully encasing a fire hydrant from the 20's or cement road curbs in the middle of swampland.

I'm sure hikers in NC can name endless examples of busted-booms that have been swallowed up by nature.

F-ing Homebuilders/Realtors

One of the things that bothers me most about this situation is the buying of elections and politicians by the Homebuilder/Realtor lobby. Not only did their money lead to all these projects being approved, it also perpetuates the damage by passing bills exempting the developments from new environmental regulations. Oh yeah, they also got a bill passed that allowed developers to defer property taxes on unsold spec homes.

It was inevitable

when they 4-laned 15/501 to Pittsboro. They built it and they came alright.



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