Yvette Hooper,Graham Co. Degister of Deeds Canadate

My name is Yvette Hooper, and I am a candidate for Register of Deeds in Graham County.

I am married to Charles Hooper. We have been married for twenty years. I graduated from Robbinsville High School in 1971. I have three daughters and am raising a grandson with autism. He is the joy of my life. I am a member of Blessed Hope Baptist Church and have spent most of my life living in the Tallulah section of the county where my family has lived for generations.
My parents Harold and Edwina Martin along with my Grandparents Clifford & Maggie George brought me up to care about all people! I guess that is how I learned about how important it is to be able to give to others, and also that I have a duty to give back to my community!

I have spent most of the last several years volunteering to others in one way or another.
Over the past several years I have served on many boards within our community whenever asked. I volunteer a lot of time at the local Food Pantry. I have spent many hours volunteering when asked to provide assistance in the form of information , support , and advocacy for families with a Special Needs Child. Currently, I am serving as Vice-Chairman of the Graham County Board of Health. I truly enjoy working hard and just being around people. I am no stranger to hard work and intend to keep working hard!

Now that you know who I am, Please Allow me to spend a moment and tell you why I am a canadate for the Office of Register of Deeds and why I feel I am the right person to do the job.

The Office of Register of Deeds houses and is responsible for the proper care and security of the many Documents vital to the History of Graham County and her people.

It is of the utmost importance to find a way to make these documents available to the public in a timely manner while always striving to maintain the Integrity of these important documents.
Like everything else, things have become more complicated. The world in which we live has become a more fast paced society and quick access to information is crucial !

The county has expressed it’s desire to get in line with other counties and make access to certain information available over the internet.

The NC General Assembly has worked to oversee the creation of the Balsam Fiber Network, which is a Broadband System which will allow us to do this. We are already behind the other counties in this endeavor and this must change!

I have been personally looking at how each of the surrounding counties have accomplished handling the increasing amount of information and into ways to make it more accessible to the citizens of our county.

Granted, the process would take a lot of work, But, I am willing to commit to doing the work and it would be well worth the effort to the county!

Some of the documents entrusted to the Office are Private, and would not be accessible on the Internet at this time. While the technology does exist to make these documents available in a secure manner it is simply not feasible at this time.

The Office of Register of Deeds has been held for several years by the same individual. During this time the Office has not underwent any updates or changes
Since it became known that I intended to run for this office the current Register of Deeds has promised to make several updates.

But folks, lets be completely honest about this, One Stop Early Voting begins on October 19th and Election Day, November 7th is roughly 59 days away.

Exactly how many updates and changes can one make in that limited amount of time?

Fellow Citizens of Graham County, I have a good solid plan with a lot of support from people who CAN make this happen.

The new service would in no way interfere with the people who like to come into the office for documents ; Simply stated, It would just free up more time to better serve those who do come into the office!

Documents deemed Public Record would be available to those who desire them ; There could be NO bias involved.

I truly would appreciate the opportunity to serve you , the good people of Graham County in this capacity. I am not a politician, and I only ask for your vote. I will be glad to personally come and talk to anyone who may have any questions.

I will not play games, nor do I intend to do anything behind anyone’s back. I am running on the platform of Dedication ,Hard Work, Honesty and above all else , Equal Treatment for all of Graham County’s Great Citizens!

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Yvette Hooper
PO Box 744
Robbinsville ,N.C. 28771