Out for a few days

I'm going hiking in the Pennsylvania mountains for a few days, with a quick side trip to Niagara Falls to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday.

Thanks for holding down the fort. And try not to get too depressed. As our friend Rob wrote recently, "the arc of the universe does in fact bend toward justice."

In the long run, I believe that's true. The arc of the universe will eventually lead to justice, but probably not until it decimates the human race, ending our disastrous experiment in greed and wretched excess. In the meantime, we are left muddling through our choices as the flawed beings that we are.

I can't help but wonder what men like Thom Tillis and Art Pope will think about when they're gasping for those final breaths on their deathbeds? Will they look back to 2011 and say they were proud they laid of 10,000 teachers in order to preserve the wealth of millionaires? I think they probably will.

How sick is that?

I get South Carolina :(

I'll be on the road most of the day making a delivery, but I'll be back around dinner time.

Have fun, James.