Your wife has Alzheimer's? Divorce her!

I'm not sure whether Art Pope paid Pat Robertson to say this or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. In any case and whatever the back story, the result is a big win for the family values crowd. Preacher Pat has proclaimed that it's okay to divorce your spouse if he or she has Alzheimer's Disease! In fact, Jesus told him to make this proclamation, because we all know Preacher Pat doesn't speak unless he is moved by the Holy Ghost.

This is such good news for rich men who can now cut lose a burdensome wife (as well as her claims on his fortune) and step into the arms of the Lord without a care in the world. Plus, if you happen to be VERY rich, you can even buy a doctor who will declare you wife to be mentally ill, thereby speeding up your escape! Heck, you could probably even interpret the Word to permit having a sister or brother committed to an institution in order to ensure that they keep their grubby hands off your fortune.

How cool is that! Jesus wants people with Alzheimer's to be left behind so somebody else can then worry about them. Praise bees.

It makes me proud to be an atheist.


Barry Saunders

weighs in with a poke at Roberston's idiocy.