Your Nose is Growing

At the very least the elected leaders who are stripping coverage should get their stories straight on why they thought it appropriate to force their personal belief systems on the rest of us at the detriment of their female employees.

As coverage from Cary News points out, the issue was initially cast by Weatherly as one that would protect the taxpayer from lawsuits. But, after the decision was passed, Mayor Weatherly proclaimed, “The issue is the protection of the unborn."

But wait, didn't you tell us that it was about protecting the town from lawsuits? The N&O quotes Wake County Board of Commissioners chair, Tony Gurley spoke on this theme saying, “As soon as we were made aware it [abortion coverage] was illegal, we stopped doing it.”

Except that it’s not. Turns out the only legal precedent that statement is founded on is a case brought by Representative Paul Stam in Stam vs. State of NC. Also turns out, the 1991 precedent does NOT apply in this case as it does not address health insurance coverage.

The bottom line here is that city and county employees deserve full insurance coverage and that council members don't get to decide who has access to legal medical procedures based on their political agendas.