Your North Carolina Delegates

I hadn't met our North Carolina delegation until I walked in Monday night. I asked all the people in charge where the North Carolina delegation was sitting so I wouldn't have to walk in and trudge around the floor looking for them. I finally found our delegation. Thinking back, I don't know why I didn't spot them from across the floor. They were the only delegates who were on their feet, dancing, singing, waving signs and cheering and that was at the beginning of the night before any of the big name speakers were on.

Their energy and enthusiasm are infectious. The first night we had more camera crews hanging around our area than any other delegation. They just kept coming and the energy of our delegates never waned.

At one point they started a cheer they had been practicing. They chanted, "Fired up, Ready to go!" They clapped and cheered and soon after they stopped a phone call came from a spouse to let us know that our delegation was being shown on CNN doing the cheer.

They arrive early and they stay late. You can't say that for every delegation.

We also are well represented by our elected officials. Our congressmen and governor are all here and they aren't just here for show. Dan Blue, Susan Burgess, Lindy Brown, Martha Alexander and many other local and statewide elected officials are here to lead our delegates.

We also have our party leader, Jerry Meek here with his future bride, Tricia Cotham. He has stayed out of the limelight, but stood ready tonight to enter North Carolina's votes. As I staked out my spot with my video camera ready a television cameraman stood in front of me. I asked him to move and he wouldn't. Jerry asked him to move and he said, "I'm with a local television station." Jerry replied, "She's our state blogger." Heh heh, go Jerry!

As I sit here typing this in the convention hall, a woman (I think she said she is from Puerto Rico) came up and asked if she could take our pictures. She said she loved our enthusiasm and wish she could sit with us.

The North Carolina delegation doesn't have the worst seats in the house, but we aren't on the floor toward the front. If enthusiasm earns you a seat toward the front I have a feeling the North Carolina delegates will be sitting near the stage in 2012.

P.S. - It's true. The picture doesn't lie. Tricia and Jerry are really that cute as a couple.

P.P.S. - The signs you see are very orchestrated. The Clinton and Obama whips sit at the phones and are told which signs their delegates should hold up and exactly when they should hold them up. Our team of whips has done a terrific job. Just now, they passed out Biden signs on long white sticks. They aren't supposed to go out until Joe Biden comes out. When people missed their cue and almost the entire convention hall raised their signs and our delegates held theirs down (for the most part) the whip's phone rang and on the other end the staffer was saying, "Signs down, signs down." Susan Burgess replied, "Our signs are down. It's the rest of the country you have to worry about."

Signs up.


I love it

Wish I was there, what a great state!

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"


I can feel the energy from here! I'm so proud to be represented by you all. What a grand bunch of Democrats!



Jesus Swept, so you can come clean.

Thats a friend of mine in

Thats a friend of mine in the blue hat :) Hope she is having a good time.