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A quick preview of our new state flag, coming soon to a glittery pole near you.

  • As I understand it, the blue bar will be for sale every two years. Look for Duke Energy to outbid Blue Cross in early 2012.
  • The white bar will be permanently dedicated to the glory of Variety Wholesalers, owned and operated by Art Pope. This is in recognition of his many years of buying funding helping skating around electioneering laws in anticipation of yesterday's glorious ruling. A deal has been reached that will allow him to swap out the Roses logo for any one of his many stores, or his newspaper of choice. To my knowledge.
  • As for the red bar, I am embarrassed to report that we the stupid people of the United States of America are actually giving money the big bank who wants to buy not just Congress, but also the North Carolina legislature.


I wonder how we know what's

I wonder how we know what's in the proposed "fix it" bills....Grayson's website doesn't say

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The Golden Rule

I hope this ruling will not affect the work of people like George Soros. He has been doing the Lord's work and we must not let the courts stop him and all those who are impartial.

This ruling is just an extension of the Golden Rule: he who has the gold makes the rules. It has always been that way and will always be that way regardless of court rulings or laws or deals or whatever.

Money has always bought influence and always will, period.

This one may create "bipartisan" ire

I think I have shared here before that I live in a "house divided". This is not just because of the fact that I am a Tarheel fan and my bride is a Dookie, but also because I have gradually become more progressive in my political thinking (blame BlueNC for that!) and my wife is, well, a conservative republican. I favor blogs like BlueNC and usually participate here while she watches Fox News (get the picture?). She blogs as well, so I know first hand how "out there" some of the posts can be from the right. Oh, and believe it or not, we get along famously otherwise! :)

Having said that, this lastest ruling by the Supreme Court has my sweetie all in a tiff and from what I have seen, there are a lot of folks with her mindset that question it as well. I loved it when she said: "Dale, what if someone like Bill Gates became real involved in politics and started using his companies to put out ads for or against some politician he does not see eye-to-eye with? He has more money than God and could say anything he wanted to say in any way he wanted to say it whether or not it was totally accurate".

I think that pretty much says it all, does it not? This is a bad thing. It is not just bad for one political persuasion. It is bad for all of us. I want my vote to count for something. If there is someone that sways my opinion, it should not be some corporate entity that has some personal or business agenda.

RE: Your Logo Here

The inane Supreme Court ruling might be seen as a call-to-action for reformers. We need public campaign financing now more than ever! We'll be working to expand public financing options to five additional NC Council of State races when the General Assembly reconvenes in May. Additionally, there are FIVE NC Congressmen who have signed as co-sponsors to HR-1826, the Fair Elections Now Act, to provide optional public campaign financing for qualified congressional candidates. The five include: Jones, Miller, Price, Kissell and Watt. We need Shuler, Butterfield, McIntyre and Coble to join them. As someone said the other day, "the choice is clear: citizen led or corporate fed."

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