Your ideal chance to meet a lot of candidates!

The morning of January 12th will be your ideal chance to meet a lot of Democratic candidates that are running this year. The Cabarrus County Democratic Women are having their yearly breakfast fund raiser and a whole list of Democratic candidates are scheduled to appear. Come join us for breakfast from 9 am - 11 am at Troutman's BBQ restaurant on hwy 601 in Concord, NC.
Scheduled to appear are:

Jim Neal, 2008 candidate for US Senate;
NC Senator Kay Hagan, 2008 candidate for US Senate;
Harry Taylor, 2008 candidate for US Congress (9th District), running against Sue Myrick;
Larry Kissell, 2008 candidate for US Congress (8th District) and his wife Tina;
Judge Kristin Ruth, 2008 candidate NC Court of Appeals;
Attorney Suzanne Reynolds, 2008 candidate NC Supreme Court;
and several candidates running in more local races.

"Mistress of Ceremonies" is Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.

Tickets are $12 and all proceeds go towards candidates running for office. Let's start the year with a big bang and support our Democratic Candidates!

If you want me to ask any of these candidates a particular question, let me know. Or, even better, come ask them yourself!

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Can't wait.

This will be a great opportunity to hear views on national and state-wide issues, all the way down to local stuff. Come out, everybody!


I'm going to this event to video tape it. Will share results here. :) If you read BlueNC say hi. I'll be the guy wit tha camera rig.

well thats good!

I was planning on doing the same, but you'll save me the hassle :-) I'm sure your equipment is more professional anyway. See you there!

Left on 49

Bring It

The more cameras the better!


I'll have videos of the other speakers up soon.

I hereby apologize for

I hereby apologize for walking in front of your camera during any of the videos you may post. Two 300 year old women stole my seat, so I then settled on just standing behind you. Great videos!