Your electric provider is raising rates and partying with the Governor-elect

Your electric bill to Progress Energy, Duke Energy, ElectriCities (the middle man collector for your city), Dominion and the Rural Cooperatives now goes for some fun at a party. The Daily Advance called ElectriCities beach bash “poopin the party” but I call this “lighting the party.”

No offense Governor-elect Perdue but I would expect this from McCrory but not you. I could have seen this deal unfolding with McCrory and Duke. Don’t let these people pay the way for your Inaugural Ball. It is wrong when rates are going up and people cannot afford proper heat and light. Especially ElectriCities – they should have been (from pure common sense) prevented from spending money on parties any more.

But the Governor-elect should not stand for poor people in eastern NC contributing to her party through their ever-increasing electric bills. I am told that year after year they all get a nice table up front and get to avoid mixing it up with the common $100 a ticket folks. Sounds fun. Especially when the money belongs to rate payers. And Duke goes further and sponsors an entirely separate event for the Governor-Elect. More wasted money.

I understand that at ElectriCities this was a former Rep/turned Grassroots guru Drew Saunders plan to party the night away on the back of ElectriCities. So, Mr. Saunders, not only should ethics laws not keep poor little former legislators from buying themselves a living but I guess it should also not prohibit them from dancing the night away with their old buddies either, on other peoples' dimes. I guess that is fair is Saunder's illogical world where gifts did not "corrupt the baby jesus." Something has corrupted someone here.

Time and time again. ElectriCities uses very poor judgment but we are supposed to trust them. Change the CEO but the poor judgment is epidemic.

This whole thing looks bad for ALL electric providers but smells very bad at ElectriCities. Jesse Tilton's legacy for mis-steps is a gift that keeps on giving.

Would you spend your money on this?
Sponsor: Governor's Circle~ $15,000
Eight tickets to the Council of State Reception
Six tickets to the Rock the Ball concert
Ten tickets to the Governor-elect's Reception
One table for ten at the Gala Presentation
Ten tickets to the Inaugural Ball
Five parking passes for Friday evening
Priority listing in the Inaugural Ball program*
Recognition on the Inaugural Ball Web site and signage during the festivities*


Thanks for writing this - comment by James

Thanks for writing this

Submitted by James Protzman on Thu, 12/04/2008 - 11:51am.
I hate that any single cent of my monthly electric payment is going to support lobbying.

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