Young stepping down, Parker stepping up

Change of leadership definitely coming for the North Carolina Democratic Party:

State Democratic Party Chairman David Young, whose party took a drubbing last month, announced Wednesday that he would not seek another term as party chief.

David Parker, 56, a lawyer from Lake Norman, immediately announced his candidacy for the job. Parker is a veteran of Democratic politics. He is a member of the Democratic National Committee and a former party first vice chairman; he managed Sen. Terry Sanford's 1992 re-election campaign.

The $46,000 question is (it was $64,000, but we're in a recession): Is this going to be a bonafide election, or has this David been chosen by the Chosen to replace the previous David?

"I think we have to revitalize and re-empower the grassroots all across North Carolina," Parker said. He added that he was already working on a plan to begin the effort immediately if he should be elected.

Okay, let me just say it: I am sick to death of the word "grassroots". Even if the astroturfing anti-government secessionists hadn't latched onto it like a tick on a lazy dog, the term would have lost much of its tread from sustained usage. But they did, and now I can't even speak the word unless it's through clenched teeth.

Besides, grass is high maintenance. How about a weed? Like the dandelion, for instance. You don't even have to plant the damned things, they just show up and spread like wildfire. And you got the yellow flower thing, which is a bonus. We could even have a mascot/logo thing going on, with a lion wearing tails and a top hat with a lace handkerchief held up to his nose to ward off any snuff issues...okay, forget about the mascot. But this weed idea has merit. ;)


New Chair

Good point about the hackneyed "grassroots" phrase -- I used to call it "ground warfare" (as opposed to TV being "air support"). Same idea, though. The point is that the emphasis on large-donor, glitzy, broadcast TV driven politics simply does not work. The Dean 50-State strategy, if it taught us nothing else, taught us that hand-to-hand voter contact is vastly superior to any other medium for winning elections.

No, I am not the "chosen of the Chosen". I do want to aggressively kick the GOP (very broad target) and utilize the talents of all the Party instead of hiring the usual suspects. If the Governor sees fit to endorse me, I will gladly accept her support as I would any SEC Member's endorsement. Her "best wishes" are sufficient for now. I do strongly believe that her proper emphasis on job creation is going to be tested by the GOP dominated legislature and its absurd Art Pope - Koch Brothers agenda that brings nothing to the table for any of us except the very wealthy and their dependents.

I will be sending out emails with references to my website and YouTube embed and will follow up with phone calls.

We have a great deal to do -- we cannot afford to wait until the tentatively scheduled 1/29/11 SEC Meeting to get started. There will be breakout sessions at the SEC Meeting to immediately get people working - with follow-ups through the Association of County Chairs which will also convene on the spot.

2012 will be extraordinarily different from 2008 - obviously. It will take a different, although labor-intensive, approach to have a shot at carrying NC. 2008 was "low hanging fruit" for volunteers and money and votes compared to what 2012 will be -- and it will take very different leadership to pull it off.

BlueNC was a great tool in 2008 for me to get input on the Super-Delegate decision and I appreciated the response. I have checked this site periodically since and have read the sporadic comments -- having BlueNC up and running full steam would be a great vehicle for Democrats in NC.

More later.

David Parker

David Parker

Thanks for checking in, David

When you get the e-mails and other communication vehicles together, please consider posting them here. Quite a few of our readers are (structurally) active in the Party, and even those of us who aren't share an acute interest in the outcome of this change in leadership.

As far as BlueNC's role in helping to facilitate a renewed vigor in the Party, we had our steam up pretty good pre-election. We hit a high of over 10,000 unique visitors per week, which is downright smokin' for a state-level political blog. The potential is there, especially if Party leaders are known to drop by (hint hint). :)

You have my support, David.

Although I'm not on the SEC, I'll campaign for you every chance I have. Call me a weed, grass or worker bee -- I don't care -- I know you will understand what those of us who do the grunt work day in and day out need in order to help our party succeed. If you are elected, I'll be with you every step of the way.

Sweet Union Dem

Having Democrats behaving like Democrats

would be even better for Democrats in NC. If you can help make that happen, I'd consider changing my registration from unaffiliated back to Democrat. Either way, somebody has some serious house-cleaning to do ... and frankly, I don't see that the gal with the biggest broom is all that interested.

PS This confirms what we've been saying for the past two years: Democrats behaving like Republicans demoralizes the base and depresses turnout. And tone-deafness at the top only exacerbates the problem.

Am very tired of Dems behaving like Republicans

and then coming to party functions to ask for help and support.

I don't see the gal in the Gov's mansion as being all that interested in cleaning house. Why bother? They paid for her upgrade on the trip to China and her millionaire hubby's entire ticket, paid for her car to be used by the campaign, paid for the money-launderers legal defense, etc. She gets what she wants - why should she care if other Dems lose because top-ticket Dems are selfish?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting