Young Dems of NC Year in review...year ahead

YDNC: The Year In Review and The Year Ahead...

Happy New Year!

I am pleased to report that 2006 was a tremendous year of growth and achievement for Young Democrats across the state of North Carolina. While we are still short of the goal to establish a chapter in every county in the state, we have established several new chapters and anticipate many chartering at the upcoming convention.

We have also worked to turn our growth and existing membership into organizations that are making a difference locally and across the state. To that end, we established a YDNC Campaign Committee that set out to identify campaigns that were of particular interest to Young Democrats and that we had the opportunity to make a difference with. The committee, chaired by J. Todd Kennedy of Wake County, decided to target Ty Harrell for State House and Heath Shuler for Congress.
The results: Both candidates were successful in ousting conservative Republican incumbants and turnout amongst young voters were at an all time high!

Young and College Democrat chapters worked collectively to phone bank and canvass 18-36 year old Democrats and Unaffiliated voters. In Congressman Shuler's race we knocked just under 2,600 doors and made 1,500+ phone calls. In Representative Harrell's race we canvassed just over 2,200 doors and made 2,000+ phone calls. In addition to all of this the YDNC put together a paid GOTV effort to all 18-36 year old Democrats in both districts.

Now that we have accomplished our goals, campaign- wise, we are moving forward with issue advocacy. We have appointed Melissa Price to chair our YDNC: Day At The Legislature Committee, comprised of Young and College Dems from across the state. The committee is collectively deciding on issues to advocate on behalf of at our upcoming Day At The Legislature, tentatively set for February 22nd. The state party will host a reception for participating Young Dems after the event. For more information on this event, please contact Melissa Price.


Tony McEwen

President, Young Democrats of North Carolina


Thanks for the report

One of our bloggers, Thomas B., got involved with YDs in Jacksonville. Good on ya for getting things moving.

I used to be a YD, but then I got old.