A young anti-war poet

I get to work with a remarkable PhD student from Egypt whose 10-year-old son, Omar, wrote this poem.

Omar is in the 5th grade in the Chapel Hill public schools. His teacher is going to enter the poem in a contest.

I'd say the public schools are doing something right. And we will hear more from Omar in the future as he learns he can say what needs to be said.

The fight for rights

We are fighting for
our right we are.
And you keep putting us down
we can sustain a country oh
yes we can
even though we are
not Jewish or Christian
we have not burned your Holy books
so why are you.
We can sustain a country oh
yes Egypt can and
we have the right
to kick you out.
War is never the answer.
So please can you
get out of our country
and there will be no more war
And I don’t only speak for Egypt.
I speak for all the world.