Yard Signs

I clicked on Obama's site looking for yard signs and was directed to the "Store". Having to buy yard signs seems a little nickel-dimey, but that’s a minor annoyance compared to delivery time. Two weeks. That's crazy. These guys are supposed to be good at organization but it takes two weeks to send a sign promoting the candidate? I don’t think whomever Obama has minding the store is doing a very good job minding the store.

Scott b


Obama Yard Signs

You can get usually them from the campaign office. They're hot items and takes money to make and ship them. They usually ask for a standard donation to cover the cost and to weed out people who are just stealing them. If you could volunteer for a bit you could probably get as many as you want.

obama yard signs

Cost is not the point. The point is there is an election in a few weeks and if they could get the signs out quicker they (the signs) could do their job longer.

Same day signs

I understand what you're saying. This is the first year I have been aware of yard signs shipped directly from the internet and there has been phenomenal demand. Most distribution is through campaign offices and events. If you want one today it's best to swing by an Obama Field Office in person.

Orange County Democratic Party HQ has signs for sale

Orange and Chatham combined to place an order which was received this week.

They are for sale, to help the parties raise money to pay the rent, pay for mailing the voter guides, worthy cause.

Sometimes the field offices have these items, but they are in big demand.


Yard signs don't win elections

especially for high profile national races. While supporters love them, they really don't make a difference. So, making people pay for them is smart.

Fortunately the Obama campaign is focusing its resources on voter registration, voter ID and GOTV.

Signs at the field office

The Mecklenburg field office has not had them since the primary. Our county party is carrying them but is currently out, getting more this week though.

Have you ever heard of a liberal shooting up a church?

Missing signs

I just had dinner with some friends whose Obama sign was stolen recently. In broad daylight two young preppy guys with jackets, ties, button down shirts and khakis got out of an SUV, pulled the sign and popped it in the back where another guy was waiting with the door open. The got at least one other sign down the street so it appears to be organized theft.

The Raleigh HQ is out of signs and has a waiting list. Looks like online is the fastest after all. People have been buying a few at a time for their friends.

To follow up on a previous comment, knocking on doors and talking to neighbors is probably more effective in encouraging people to actually vote.