Xe Watch (aka Blackwater Watch) seeking on-line volunteers

Xe Watch (aka Blackwater Watch) is in need of volunteers to assist in maintaining our website and our mailing list. This can be done remotely at your leisure from literally anywhere (assuming you have internet connectivity, of course!). We're going to be updating our website soon to use the Drupal content management system which will make maintenance a breeze, as well as adding new features and functionality. Please contact us for further details and tell us about your experience managing on-line content (web sites and/or mailing lists). Email us at adminATblackwaterwatchDOTnet. Thank you!


Frontpaged by James

For those of you who may not be aware of Christian's dogged determination to track and fight Erik Prince's mercenary army called Blackwater Xe, he's been doing the hard work for years. If you want to help end US reliance on armed contractors - mercenaries that deplete the ranks of our armed forces and bring shame to our country throughout the world - please contact him and volunteer.

Here in North Carolina, we have a special obligation to fight this scourge. Prince and the thugs who surround him are based, for now, right here in our state.

And if you are one of our many current or ex-military readers, know this. Every time a Blackwater/Xe mercenary enters a combat zone, American troops are more at risk. These criminals are earning five times what your fellow servicemen and women are earning, trained at public expense. They're in it for the glor of god money.