Wynn confirmed; Diaz still in holding pattern

A promotion eleven years in the making:

After months of his nomination's languishing on the U.S. Senate calendar, Judge James A. Wynn Jr. of Raleigh was confirmed late Thursday to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a position for which he was first nominated in 1999.

Wynn, 56, was confirmed as part of a procedural move known as "unanimous consent," in which a motion proposed on the Senate floor passes barring an objection by another senator.

He was first nominated for higher court under President Bill Clinton, but he was blocked by Sen. Jesse Helms.


Isn't it a shame?

that these dunderf@ck GOPers had to be baited into confirming Wynn by reminding them that his COA seat would be open in this supposed GOP year if they confirmed him before the Senate recessed?

Attention all reporters:

If you are not asking Richard Burr why Judge Diaz hasn't been confirmed -- or even why Catherine Eagles hasn't been confirmed as a district court judge for NC, then you're not doing your job.

Catherine Eagles has been waiting for a floor vote since May.

Here's the link to the Senate's Executive calendar.

Oh yeah, in the same breath that Wynn was approved, South Carolina had 2 -- TWO -- district court judges approved.

Why couldn't North Carolina get Catherine Eagles confirmed before the recess?


Judge Wynn

If you read the dissenting opinions of Judge Wynn, you will find that in most cases, he is the voice of reason on the Court of Appeals. Good day for him [being confirmed], but a bad day for those of us with cases before the COA, now that he is leaving.