WXII-TV Sandbags Roger Sharpe (NC-05

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Over the past couple of days, major regional television station WXII has staged seperate, moderated online question and answer forums for Roger Sharpe and VirginiaFoxx.

The way it worked was, you log in to the WXII website, send your questions to the moderator, and the moderator picks the questions that get posted (supposedly to weed out profanity, inappropriate material, and, one would hope, outright bias).

How'd it work out? You be the judge.

Here are some of the questions that Roger was asked:

QUESTION: Are you familiar with the State Laws of Connecticut and California pertaining to limiting the duration of time that dogs can be chained up outdoors?

QUESTION: Mr. Sharpe, I asked you why you opposed a border fence. Please answer the question. Thank you.

QUESTION: Mr. Sharpe, what is your stance on abortion and especially partial-birth abortion? (Note- Here is the answer, you'll need it for later- ANSWER: I believe that is a decision between a woman and her physician.)

Now let's take a look at Foxx's questions:

QUESTION: Congresswoman Foxx, yesterday, your opponent said that he was a strong supporter of partial-birth abortion. What is your stance on this critical issue? (See above note for truth)

Yesterday, the other candidate stated that other nations needed to be involved in Iraq - those who also have cultural and economic interests in the region. I have never considered our war there a cultural or economic issue - its a war for our survival as free people. Would you please speak to that?

QUESTION: Rep. Foxx: Thank you for working to secure our borders. Your opponent does not seem to grasp the importance of this issue. His answers on it have been liberal garbage. Please explain why it is important to secure our borders to protect our national security.

If you think this sounds like fair question moderation, maybe I'm just nuts. Personally, I think Sharpe got sandbagged. If you agree, let WXII know here.


Is it online anywhere?


I'm Bloo through and through.

I'm Bloo through and through.

Just click the links

in the Intro. The full text of both Q&As are there.

My email to the station

Are you guys on the Foxx payroll . . . or are you just good old-fashioned media whores? Your bias in selection of questions in the Sharpe-Foxx Show was truly an affront to anything resembling balance and objectivity.

Email the station yourself:


I'm in

for an email as well. I also hope for a strong rebuke by all other bloggers here and from the top levels of the Sharpe campaign. WXII had better not get away with this.