WRAL.com: Voter ID bill debate

From Democracy North Carolina:

The NCGA will be debating the Voter ID bill this afternoon starting at 2pm. Live coverage by WRAL: http://www.wral.com/

We're encouraging our supporters to join us at the legislative building! Come on out and show your support for the rights of all North Carolina Voters!

The action at the NC House of Representatives will be webcast by WRAL.com.

HB 589
Committee Substitute No. 3
Warren, Murry, T. Moore and Samuelson (Primary Sponsors)
(Appropriations) (4th Edition)



It's a foregone conclusion

the charade does nothing but give the illusion of thoughtfulness.

True, but the debate by Rep. Jackson

and others will be used in a future lawsuit to challenge the law. I believe the original SC Voter ID Law was overturned in court. Rep. Darren Jackson (D-Wake) and Rep. Alma Adams (D-Guilford), among others, present important arguments against adopting the bill.

I need to also mention the eloquent speech on the bill by Rep. Glazier (D-Cumberland). He laid out a very strong argument based on constitutional law.

Martha Brock

Support for voter ID drops when

From the Institute for Southern Studies:

NC poll finds support for voter ID drops with more information about alternatives, impact of laws

One of the strongest arguments going for lawmakers who support tougher voter ID laws is that, according to many polls, the measures have public support. In North Carolina, for example, a WRAL TV survey last October found 69 percent favor requiring a photo ID to vote.

But a new poll by SurveyUSA -- sponsored by the N.C. League of Women Voters and Democracy North Carolina -- finds that most North Carolina voters are also fine with non-photo ID alternatives, and don't think voter ID should be a top priority.

I understand that most BlueNC.com readers oppose this bill. However, we are in the minority. We still have a job to educate the majority of voters in North Carolina as to the reasons this law is about voter suppression, and not "vote integrity."

The poll also reveals public suspicion about photo ID requirements if they are shown to disproportionately impact certain voters. According to SurveyUSA, 72 percent agreed with the statement that "it's wrong to pass laws that make it harder for certain people to vote," and 62 percent said they'd "oppose a law that makes it harder for people of one party to vote..


read more about the poll here

Martha Brock

The House voted 81-36

The NC House voted 81-36 to approve HB589 requiring voters to present photo identification at the polls. The legislation now goes to the NC Senate.

Martha Brock

Let's start a pool of betting

as to when the first court challenge will take place ...

and then another pool on how much the state will spend to defend this unconstitutional act.

Not a betting pool

Save your money for the organizations that will be filing court cases agains the law. They'll need all the support they can get.

Even better

During Phase I of my stealth gubernatorial campaign, I'll be directing potential contributors to selected non-profits who have the means and intention to mount legal challenges. Like you, I consider that the highest and best use of any contributions right now.

My list at this point is very short: ACLU and SELC. I would welcome any insight from any one as to what other organizations should be included.

Your help (all of you) would be much appreciated in building the list.