WRAL livestreaming public comments re regulatory reform

You can view the video stream of the meeting right here.

I've already seen a few big developers whining about profits being lost due to mean old regulators. Methinks this last public comment session has been stacked in favor of business, but I'm still watching...


If the stream slows down,

refreshing the page seems to help. It may just be my laptop, though...

I had to cut off the feed

Probably the fault of my little Fisher Price (TM) netbook. If you look up "cheap bastard" in the dictionary, it shows my picture over in the margins. ;)

Anyway, I might have been wrong about the makeup of the speakers:

SierraClubNC SierraClubNC
Not totally sure of this count, but ~ 25 people have spoken in support of strong regs and only 12 against.

But if most of those 12 have a lot of potential campaign contributions jingling in their pockets, well...