Wounds licked

I haven't been on in awhile as I have been very busy with work.

That said, before the primary, when I was supporting Sen. Clinton, I was asked if I would support Sen. Obama if he won, and my ansewer was I don't know.

Well I do now.

Sure there were many of us that had to lick our wounds,as we had much vested in Sen. Clinton's run.

However in the last 2 weeks, in my position of party chair for my county, I have had the chance to work with young people from the Obama fellows program. I have had the chance to meet and speak with supporters of Sen. Obama as they have come by headquarters to check on signs and bumper stickers.
Last night I had the chance to attend 2 Unity house parties and met many people that I have never seen active in democratic politics.

Last week I attended the State convention, and heard Gov. Jim Hunt endorse Sen. Obama. I have spoken with many of my fellow Clinton supporters and friends. I have done alot of soul searching.

For the good of my country, and the good of my party, there is but one choice.

To work as hard as I can, and as long as it takes to make sure that Sen. Barack Obama takes the oath of office at noon on Jan.20, 2009.

It is time for all good men[ and women] to come to the aid of their party.

Count me in.

Hugh Wilde


Is it just me...

or did Sen. McCain steal HRC's logo (perhaps a subtle message)? He always had the star one there, but just recently I've noticed the red/white stripe as well, which was HRC's.

Am I just crazy?


Just wanted to tell everyone who's sitting on the fence about crossing the line between supporting and actively volunteering for the Obama campaign that it's very easy ... and fun ... and meaningful.
This past Sunday afternoon, after a short organizational meeting, I went out with an Obama Fellow, Travis, from Wisconsin, and we knocked on about 30 doors in two hours. We got four people registered and engaged in spirited and rewarding conversations with several others, including one who had registered but professed to be undecided about the election.
We had no bad experiencies ... it was nothin' but positive. I'd knocked on doors for Kerry/Edwards and Gore/Lieberman, and hadn't had as many positive experiences. It would seem to bode well for our chances in November.
Others in our group of eight registered eight others in two hours. That's 12 in two hours. If that happened all over the country Sunday - and I'm sure it did - then we at least, bottom line, empowered hundreds if not thousands of people to begin to take control over their destinies. Top line? We signed up hundreds to thousands of people who will vote for Obama, people who can help change the disastrous direction in which this country has been headed for years.
I also attended on Saturday a house party - one of the ones my fellow Cart'rit countian and friend Mr. Wilde attended - in which he and some ardent supporters of Hillary Clinton began - and some, I suspect completed - the arduous process of embracing a candidate some naturally had seen for a time as "the enemy." I hadn't been in that position; before settling on Obama, I'd been for Edwards, then Hillary, and I still love both of 'em for different reasons and to varying degrees and would have been relatively happy for either of three, or even Biden, to get our nomination.
That aside, I was most heartened to see that the Hillary people, after a couple of weeks of reflection, have for the most part come to realize that although Obama may not be the candidate of their dreams, he is the candidate who can still make those dreams come true, and is worthy of their support and hard work.
As Mr. Wilde said, there's no doubt that the generosity and enthusiasm of a couple of Obama "Fellows" and the same spirits emanating from most of the other Obama supporters went a long way to facilitate that, as did clear evidence that Obama volunteers want to help local Democratic candidates.
In short, it was a great weekend, one that gave this under-employed and dispirited Democrat the feeling that despite recent financial problems and a future that right now looks very uncertain, we can, with an optimistic spirit and a bit of grit, have hope that we can shape our own futures, and those of our children, for the better.
We can do this. For our country, we must. Fellow Dems and independents who have been reluctant to move into action, join us!


Thanks Bradford!

A good report!

Yer welcome, James. I

Yer welcome, James. I enjoyed it so much I'm going back for a second helping this coming Sunday. The look on faces when they realize they've finally taken a step to participate electorally in their future is pretty cool.


Thanks Hugh

Only together will we win in November!

Group here in Charlotte

There is a group here in Charlotte of Clinton supporters that are promoting McCain. Very sad group of people.

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