A working resolution

Over on one of my blogs, the UNCG Campus Watch, I have posted a working resolution I have drafted and I am thinking of submitting to UNCG's Student Senate, where I am currently Chairman of the Legislative Committee. The resolution deals with the situation regarding counting out of state student as in state students. It is a move that will eventually cost the People of North Carolina more that $20 million annually, once the provision is fully implemented. I blogged on this here at BlueNC on Sunday.

I'm perfectly aware that many people don't see Student Government as something that can actually create change, but it is one small way in which to make the voice of students known to the University, the Board of Governors, the General Assembly and others.

If you can, please take the time to go over to the UNCG Campus Watch and read the draft resolution, comment on it, revise it or help me out with it in any way that you can.

Click here to see the post and resolution