Wilson Attorney Writes Letter to Editor about ElectriCities


Mark Bibbs writes. "Electric rates are astronomical, unconscionable

After reading both the main editorial and the letter submitted by Jim Richardson on Tuesday, I felt compelled to write to echo support for both opinions. I have lived and practiced law here in Wilson for a little over 10 years, after having lived in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and my hometown of Kings Mountain.

...I call and talk with friends and family across this state to compare utility bills from time to time, and I am shocked by how out-of-line and expensive our bills are in comparison to small towns or large cities.

Frankly, it makes no sense. I have seen my personal as well as business utility bills jump significantly from month to month, and a 14 percent increase in electric rates, in this economy by ElectriCities is unconscionable. It wreaks of the type of runaway, bureaucratic sloppiness that gets government into trouble over and over again. When I ask my clients about their utility bills, nothing other than perhaps their legal case, ignites more anger, frustration and disgust. They are struggling like everyone else to pay these bills..."


ElectriCities meeting criticism justified; Elizabeth City


Letter: Electric meeting criticism justified

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sorry, but your Aug. 5 article about the ElectriCities meeting in Myrtle Beach, S.C. failed to convince me that criticisms of this meeting's costs aren't justified.

Tell me why the cities were spending so much money on fuel to get to a destination where they were going to discuss how to learn about saving energy? The cost of rooms is only one aspect of this waste of money.

It's time we get some younger people running the city. I'm sure they know how to hold meetings on the Web.


Elizabeth City