Will you sign a Citizen Petition Calling for Spending Cuts and New Management at ElectriCities?

James suggested this a few weeks ago and I missed it but someone in Wilson caught it.

We think Rick Dew started one a while back and has names already. What do you all think? Should we do a citizen petition to the Board of ElectriCities citing the budget cuts needed, the need for a new management team?

A group has volunteered to drive around and pick them up and put them all together. You would take the draft, get your neighbors to sign. We will start it in each city.

Lower your Electric Bill. Sign for budget cuts at ElectriCities of NC and removal of current management due to mismanagement.

I am sure others can get it going in other cities. Seems easy - ask your neighbor to sign and then ask them to get signatures. We can present it to City Councils and ElectriCities Board, and all newspapers.

Tell me what you think. Or tell rickdewjr or curmilusdancy or electric



Lower Your Electric Bill. ElectriCities Accountability. SignHERE

Already had folks draft it in Wilson. We will post sites where you can drop this after getting at least 10 signatures. Copy, paste and pass it along to everyone in the 51 cities.

Citizen Petition to the Rocky Mount City Council (fill in city) and Board of ElectriCities of NC

We, the below signed, strongly urge you to use your position of leadership to demand deep budget cuts in the eastern budget of $700 million at ElectriCities of NC.

We appreciate the leadership already exerted by Council Members Andre Knight, Lamont Wiggins and Reuben Blackwell on statements, resolutions and efforts to help the citizens of Rocky Mount. We ask you build on those efforts by supporting them and enacting these cost savings measures for all citizens. We appreciate the efforts of Rick Dew on behalf of the citizens of Wilson. And we appreciate the researchers, activists behind the scenes recruiting to make this happen. We also appreciate Curmilus Dancy leading the way with his site and BlueNC.

The budget can be cut in the following areas: personnel, salary adjustments/bonuses, sponsorships, economic development, communications, out of state travel, lobbying, consultants, annual meeting. Cuts can easily exceed $5 million.

Further, we urge the cuts be implement before the end of 2008 to be effective now and in the future. And, we urge the application of the cost savings to the wholesale electric rate charged to the City by ElectriCities in order to reduce consumer rates in Rocky Mount.

In addition, we strongly urge new management, at reduced salaries, at ElectriCities, effective immediately, because of the detrimental effects of reckless financial decisions, poor leadership and lack of accountability.

Name, Address