Will Someone Stand up and Talk Sense?

As a party, we are about to divide ourselves in the upcoming primary for Governor. Why can't someone stand up and speak some common sense? Why kill each other? Why not be pragmatists about this and have one of our fine leaders run and trounce Liddy?

Currently, the names being bandied about, to replace Liddy Dole are low on name recognition and I do not believe they can carry the State in a general election.

Grier Martin - Two term representative from Raleigh, NC. Is young, charismatic and has military experience. I see two main drawbacks to a Martin candidacy, name recognition and Raleigh.

Kay Hagan - Many term senator from Guilford County. Is an experienced legislator on the State level, is currently on the Appropriations Committee and highly powerful in our legislative body. Main accomplishment? Raw milk. Lacks Name Recognition and is from Guilford County.

And currently, we have Two Top Tier candidates for Governor. I would hate to see one of these fine individuals leave State government, but it is bound to happen. Only one person can serve as Governor.

Why then, won't the party have a meeting of the minds and convince either Richard Moore, or Bev Perdue to run for Senate as opposed to the Governor's Office. Why should we kill ourselves? The most logical thing is to have one of these leaders continue to lead the State and the Nation in the Senate. I don't want to lose either one and currently we will lose one of them. This is just like the Wicker situation. We lost him in 2000. Come on NC Dems and do the right thing.