Why We Should Not Listen to the Consultants

Gary Pearce, a main consultant for former governor Jim Hunt, has had a strange turn of events since Hunt left office. He has teamed with ultra-conservative Helms advisor Carter Wrenn in a blog. The problem with the consulting agreement is that it proves that he has no values but will work for whoever pays him more. The problem with the website are numerous, but importantly, neither Gary or Carter has learned how to either create links or answer comments. In addition, to those flaws, having to make public statements means that everyone knows when you do not know what you are talking about.

We already discussed Carter Wrenn's problems with the truth when it comes to Triangle Rail. Now Gary gives us a look at his lack of knowledge with this pathetic post:

Apparently we Democrats have lost our best hope of beating Congressman Robin Hayes. Iraq war vet Tim Dunn has withdrawn from the field of battle.

So the odds are that – once again – 100 percent of North Carolina’s congressional delegation will return to Washington next year.

There are a number of clear factual errors with this prognosis. First, the 8th district has never been seen as more competitive than the 11th district's Shuler versus Taylor race by any reputable news organization, political group, or blog. Second, Larry Kissell is quite possibly a better candidate than Dunn for the 8th district, as we have debated here. Third, there is no way that anyone could rule out a Democratic victory in either the 8th or 11th. Not to mention the fact that a proclaimed Democrat should not be ceding anything so early.

I think the lesson here is that I should stop reading Talking About Politics, there poor factual reporting kills me. And if you are looking for a political (or other) consultant, forget about Gary Pearce, he probably has already given up.


See no evil,Hear no evil

"I think the lesson here is that I should stop reading Talking about Politics..."

Great idea, let's just ignore the Center and call them ignorant and uninformed. That should really pay off come November.


If you bothered to read the post, you will see that my objections are with their blogging ability and inability to report the facts rather than their political position. Also, if you have been watching what is happening with the Democratic party, you will have noticed that the consultant class has been pushing the candidates to watered down positions that have ruined the Democratic brand. It seems like this "Democratic" consultant has given up on our Congressional candidates before the primary is over.

Local neo-con political whores on the make again!

A political consultant is a whore no matter what name one puts
on it.....Hi Gary! How does it feel to charge clients for
stupidity and selling out our constitution and the bill of rights?

Gary! Have you consider working for the Pope foundation...Oops,
You are already doing that now.....I forgot!

I read their site almost daily

and find it tedious. Plus it's always a beat or two behind what's really happening. I guess you could chalk that up to "taking time to be thoughtful" . . . but I don't see much evidence of that either.

This isn't a debate about the center or the fringe. It's about commitments and purpose. These guys are in it for the money. That pretty much explains everything.


PS I have nothing against money. I just don't like it's toxic influence on our political processes. But for better or for worse, it's here to stay. Which is why we fight.