Why North Carolina Is Violating Federal Law

Our mental health system here in NC is in shambles. In addition to being grossly underfunded, thousands of people with chronic mental illness aren’t getting the treatment they need. Instead they get shuffled into adult care homes which are not regulated as mental health care facilities and are, in fact, even dangerously inadequate for caring for the mentally ill.

It’s so bad it’s illegal. The U.S. Justice system issued a notice in July informing NC that we are violating federal law by not treating the mentally ill according to the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Advocacy groups like Disability Rights NC have urged Perdue to negotiate with the DOJ and find a settlement which will help the mentally ill here in NC. The other choice is to let the DOJ sue us and take our lumps at the expense of thousands of people in need of proper care.

It’s ridiculous that this is even an issue. It says a lot about a society when it can’t care for those most in need, and none of it is pretty. I care too much about this state to see it commit acts of gross negligence like this.